A Blueprint for Life After Divorce: Pittsburgh Author’s Book Inspires and Empowers Others to Find their “New Normal”

Gina Mazza

By Daniel Casciato Pittsburgh-based journalist, author, editor, and publishing consultant Gina Mazza lives by the philosophy that everything happens for a reason, and as she writes in her book, “Everything Matters, Nothing Matters,” it’s not about what happens to us in … [Read more...]

Going Through Life’s Hardships: How One Woman Rebuilt Her Life After Becoming a Widow and a Divorcee

Joan Koonce

Becoming a widow soon after she was married at a young age was emotionally devastating for Joan Koonce of Athens, Georgia. “I really enjoyed being married and loved my husband dearly,” says Koonce,  an Associate Professor and Financial Planning Specialist for the University of … [Read more...]

Reality Show Co-Star, Business Coach and Author Inspires Women to Make a Difference in their Lives

Wendy Robbins

Fifty percent of all divorces are about money and 95 percent of all people over 65 in this country will be broke. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, will you be able to retire with the lifestyle you dream of? Business coach and author Wendy Robbins is a leading expert on … [Read more...]