10 Practical Tips from a Psychologist when Moving

Have you ever moved? It is known that even changing a rented apartment is quite a significant stress for a person. This is very expensive both in terms of nerve cells and time, not to mention additional financial costs. The only advice is to check moving companies reviews and use moving cost calculator to prevent a surprising bill. After moving, you have to recover for some time, adapt, and get used to a new place. What can we say about a more serious event in life — a change of permanent residence! In this article, we will not consider the reasons that prompted you to take such a drastic step — this is a personal matter. We will talk about how you can transfer such stress as painlessly as possible and adapt to the new reality in the most effective way.

So, what should be considered and how to prepare for a change of permanent residence? 

  • The fear of the unknown is one of the most powerful fears that a human being experiences. Imagine that you do not know anything about what you are going to do when planning this or that business. Where can you get confidence in the process of implementing your idea? To gain confidence and control your fear, you need to have a clear idea of what you will do first when you find yourself in a new environment. Think about where you will live and what you will do. How will you position yourself when making new contacts? Support yourself, tune in to the idea that your resources are enough to cope with all the difficulties. In this case, the settings “my world takes care of me”, “I have everything going in the most favorable way for me”, “I am confident in myself and in my abilities” are suitable. Instead of giving yourself up to fear, repeat these formulas of self-adjustment clearly and confidently aloud or in your mind. Scroll through the images of yourself in the future that inspire you. The most important thing is self — belief. In any case, you will have very interesting life experience, and your future depends on how you approach it.
  • Remember that on the quantum level, you and the universe are inextricably linked, so what you order is what you get. Experienced people suggest that it is very important to enlist the support of those who live in the country, city, or area where you are planning to move. They know the characteristics that are not written about in guidebooks and dictionaries, as well as not mentioned in embassies and consulates. Make sure that your move does not fall into a complete void — prepare the ground in advance. Even if you do not have any friends or relatives in your new place, you can find people in social networks, forums, and chats who will tell you the necessary information and agree to help you on the spot. Act, prepare, search and you will be lucky!
  • Examining the place. When planning a move, a very important help in the upcoming cultural adaptation will be a preliminary introduction to the history, geography, and culture of your chosen country. Read what google offers you, chat with real people, and watch available videos posted in torrents and on the pages of local residents. In addition, such activities will involve you, help you fill the places in your soul and consciousness that are usually occupied by all sorts of fears, fears, negative thoughts and experiences. Imagine that you are a citizen of the world, for whom moving to another country is an integral part of life. Act as a strategist and you will be able to find many happy moments in the planning of such a serious turn in life as a change of permanent residence.
  • Dosed daily physical activity will help your brain cope with the excessive experiences caused by preparing to move to unfamiliar places. Learn yoga exercises, take a walk in the fresh air every day, go to the gym, ride a Bicycle or roller skates. Even if you’ve never done it — at least try it! The fact is that stress is deposited in our body in the form of blocks and clamps, which you will have to get rid of in a new place, to be treated. And who knows how your body will react when you reach your critical level? And in the new place there is no family doctor, a favorite masseur, a familiar therapist… Take responsibility for your well-being now! We get rid of debts and bindings. At the time of your final departure, make sure that there is no one left behind who can remember you with a bad word. 
  • Make up with the person you were at odds with, especially if it’s one of your relatives. Pay your debts to those who expect them from you. Visit people you haven’t seen in a long time. Forgive those you hold a grudge against. Give away all unnecessary things, give away what will be an extra load on the way. Throw away or burn anything that brings up sad or painful memories. In short, make it easier for yourself to travel a long way and leave behind an impeccable “personal history”. And may your path be easy!
  • Take care of our relatives and friends. It’s one thing if you take such a responsible step as changing permanent residence alone. It is quite different if the lives and destinies of your loved ones are connected with you. Husband/wife, child, relative… substitute the correct option yourself. Then the responsibility increases doubly, especially if you are the initiator of such an important event as moving to another country. In this case, you need to play the role of a family of Warner, the mastermind, psychologist and commander in one person. Ideally, if your decision is supported by all your family and friends — you are a happy person! If there are confusion and vacillation in your ranks, you will have to pay special attention to each of those who depend on you. In this case, it is good to be aware of what arguments are suitable for the child, what exactly to say to an adult. Keep in mind that it is important for you to be in a state of maximum confidence in the success of your company, to feel reliable support for those who are full of doubts and say only that “we are well fed here” and “it is good where we are not”. Remember: you need unity of mind and community in such a difficult event as changing permanent residence in the family. 
  • Develop inner firmness and awareness. In the period between the decision to move and the immediate departure to your chosen area, you must clearly remember what you started it all for. If you have a “for”, you can stand any “how”. Take these words of Nietzsche as your motto for every day. In principle, a person is very adaptive and adapts to any conditions — tested by time and hundreds of generations. You can survive in a concentration camp, escape in the ocean  , if you have the will to live and an immutable sense of what you are doing it for. If you are aware, then no one’s words of doubt, excuses, or the terrified eyes of those who care about you can stop you. In any case, you always have more than one way out of the situation, just be firm and adamant.