13 Eco-Friendly Products Worth the Investment

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Trying to be as “green” as possible and using eco-friendly products has become more than just a “fad” or movement for numerous people around the world. In fact, it’s a way of life for many people. 

However, just because a product claims that it is eco-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean it’s as good an investment as your real estate investment group, especially as far as practicality and usage-wise go. With that in mind, we researched and found 13 products that we think are definitely worth the investment.

1. Chef’n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin

Place all of your plant-based waste into the compost bin to help alleviate food waste and provide you with an excellent source of fresh compost for your indoor plants or outdoor vegetable garden.

2. No Wasteful Trace Shampoo

Most of your shampoo leaves waste the can enter the water table but the vegan, all-natural shampoo bars by Humankind Shampoo are designed to leave no wasteful trace.

3. The Only Sheets You’ll Ever Want

Not only are bamboo sheets eco-friendly, but they are also super comfortable to boot. Don’t be fooled by the name, bamboo sheets are shockingly soft, supple, and silky.

4. Stop Using Plastic Storage Bags

Using reusable resources whenever possible is definitely eco-friendly and this Stasher Silicone Reusable For Storage Bags are durable, completely washable, and great for cold or hot foods.

5. Going Solar

You should definitely forget the myths about solar energy because there are multiple reasons to use solar energy and these days it can power everything from your sprinklers to your entire home.

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6. More Bamboo Gear

As with number 3 above, there are plenty of household items made from bamboo that you should invest in. Check out Whiff Botanicals as they make kitchen wipes and dishcloths that you can easily find either locally or online.

7. Stop Filling the Landfill with Cotton Swabs

There are plenty of washable/reusable options available these days and one is made by the aptly named LastSwab, a reusable cotton swab that can easily be cleaned.

8. Stop Filling the Landfill With Shopping Bags

BAGGU has vibrant, lightweight, reusable bags that can be folded up for easy storage and transport.

9. Straw Wars

Purchase a 16-piece stainless steel straw set with both straight and bent straw shapes and stop using plastic straws once and for all.

10. Ditch Your Traditional Floss

Plastic-free dental floss is definitely worth the investment and these days you can find vegan, bamboo, other plant-based materials, and even charcoal options. 

11. Save a Tree or Two

Tree-free toilet paper isn’t as expensive as you might think and comes from fast-growing, pesticide-free bamboo and sugarcane, and is just as strong as regular paper while also retaining the softness you desire.

12. Stop Micro Waste from Entering the Water Table

This is arguably one of the most eco-friendly products on the list. Guppyfriend’s transparent Washing Bags are woven to catch synthetic, non-biodegradable fibers that would normally end up down the drain of the washing machine.

13. Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

You likely buy a good bit of produce each month and of course, a lot of that is placed in those clear plastic bags that end up in the landfill. Mesh bags are light, easy to store, and of course, reusable.

Eco-friendly products are definitely a great way to do your part to help the environment and with the baker’s dozen list of products above, you’ll be investing in those that help the planet and have practical use in your daily life. Stop needlessly filling the landfills with items that have affordable and comparable eco-friendly products readily available.

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