20 Baby Photography Tips For Beginners

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Baby photography can be tricky. There are instances when it’s harder to do a newborn photoshoot than your typical sessions with adults. And this is also the reason why newborn photography requires a lot of experience. However, it’s possible to take stunning baby photos even if you are just a beginner. There are some things that you can do to help improve your shots. Here are 20 baby photography tips for those who are just starting in baby photography.

1. Know what makes the baby smile

A happy baby makes things easier for any photographer. If the baby is a bit cranky, you’ll have to wait a bit to make sure that you get the best photos. Does she smile when you make funny faces? Or maybe, does she smile when he or she sees her favorite toy? It might be best to ask the parents what makes the baby laugh.

2. Create a comfortable environment for the baby

Next, you need to always ensure a comfortable environment for the baby. It is easier to get great shots if the baby feels comfortable in his or her environment. This is the same reason why professional photographers go to the homes of their clients to take photos of their children. The logic is simple. Babies are more comfortable in an environment that they are familiar with.

3. Coordinate with the parent what you plan to do during the photography sessions

To have a successful baby photography session, you want to coordinate everything with the parents. You want to know their expectations and understand the style that they want to have during the session. Know the props that they want, and let them provide you with different sample photos of styles that they prefer.

4. Never take photos in lowlight conditions

A common mistake of many newbie photographers is to take photos in lowlight conditions. Though you can use a photo editing software to adjust the exposure, keep in mind that nothing beats the correct exposure on your photos. Plus, a photo editing software can only compensate for the exposure by a small margin.

5. Always prioritize the safety of the baby

It is important to always prioritize the safety of the child. You should always think if the child is safe before you get the baby to pose for the photo shoot. This is the reason why cushions are a priority whenever there is a newborn photo shoot. Not only does it look cute, it can also serve as a safety measure whenever you are taking photos of your newborn.

6. Tiny details can also be a great subject for baby photography

Apart from taking a photo of your newborn baby’s beautiful and cute face, you can also make the small details as your subject. Their small cute feet and hands are a popular subject, especially by pro photographers. You can read more at GM Photographics.

7. Play around with angles

Next, you also don’t always need to shoot in front of the baby. Try to work on different angels. Try shooting on the baby’s side or maybe place the camera right above the baby.

8. Involve the older siblings

The more comfortable is the baby, the easier it is for you to get great photos of the newborn child. Don’t get frustrated if the baby starts to cry once he is carried by a stranger. Try to get the siblings involved during the photo sessions. Or perhaps, you can ask the mother to carry the child.

9. Invest in the right camera and lens

The right camera and the right lens can make the job easier whenever you are taking a portrait of the baby. You can start investing in zoom lenses to get the right distance whenever you are taking photos of the baby. As for the camera, two of the best options include a mirrorless camera or a DSLR. 

10. Shoot in black and white

Another way to capture exquisite baby photos is by taking out distractions in your photos. One of the best ways to do this is by shooting in black and white. It also captures the raw emotion better than colored photos.

11. Use prime lens

The perfect lens for baby photography is a prime lens. You can choose from the likes of a 35mm or a 50mm prime lens. For the newbies, a prime lens means that it only has one focal length. Another advantage of prime lenses over zoom lens is the capability of prime lenses to have large apertures. This means that you can go fast when it comes to capturing the moments.

12. Always have a backup camera

Another important detail that newbies miss is that you need to have the right camera with the right lens at the right time. Having two working cameras on your side with two different setups lessen the chances to miss on moments. You don’t need to switch lenses. Instead, you just pick up the camera that applies to the situation.

13. Prepare your studio hours before the shoot

Newborn photography requires a lot of details. Plus, the last thing that you want is for the baby to wait. you want to prepare our set up ahead of time to make sure that everything runs smoothly once the client arrives.

14. Have a variety of costumes ready

You also want different looks on your subject. Newborn photography is all about making the baby look adorable. It’s a good idea to invest in different baby costumes to give the parents a variety of options. Also, visit https://raebarnes.com/ for more in-depth tips on how to set up the set for your baby photography session and how to make them look good. 

15. Focus on the eyes of the baby

Focusing on the eyes of the baby can give you great results. Innocent and charming, these are things that you don’t usually get when taking photos of adults. As a photographer, you could take advantage of the opportunity to focus on the eyes of the baby. So how do you make him or her look at the camera? Maybe use his or her favorite toy right above the lens.

16. Get an assistant always

Having an assistant is always a game-changer. It gives you the chance to focus on shooting photos. The assistant can ensure that the child is safe and comfortable. Plus, it allows the baby to get distracted when he or she needs to be distracted.

17. Avoid using flash

It’s common for a lot of newborn photographers even experienced once to stick to studio photography. Why not use natural light to illuminate the subject? This can lessen the annoyance on the part of the newborn.

18. Use Adobe Lightroom

It is important to have a photo editing software or app by your side. Adobe Lightroom can be used on your phone. It has several presets that can come in handy even for pros. This software can ultimately help simplify photo editing.

19. Shoot when the baby is sleeping

If the baby arrives in your studio sleeping, don’t bother to wake the baby up immediately. Instead, you can take this opportunity to take pictures of the peaceful moment where the baby is having a good sleep.

20.  Always take note of your sessions and remember your mistakes

There will always be mistakes especially if it’s your first time. Take note of these mistakes and see what you can improve on in the next couple of sessions.  

Even beginners can do wonders in newborn photography. Don’t get intimidated if you feel that you haven’t figured out everything. Just be sure to learn from every opportunity that comes your way. 

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