2020 Gambling Regulation Changes Across the World

Every market throughout the world is set to face regulation changes this year. A lot of markets are taking a much-expected and long-awaited step towards legalization. On the other hand, other jurisdiction authorities are passing measures developed to solve gambling problems. 

North America

The Dominoes Keep on Falling in the United States

A couple of states have permitted already online gambling and land-based sports betting. As time passes by, more and more states are getting on the hype train and hoping to capitalize on the recent end of the federal ban on sports betting outside particular zones. One of the nine states set to vote on new gambling laws this year is California.

South America

Brazil is Planning to Legalize Sports Betting

In Brazil, this year is a huge year for sports betting. In 208, the Congress in Brazil introduced a legislation that offered for the legalization of sports gambling. This provided the ministry of economy 2 years to execute the legalization. The new law should be into effect this year after public consultation and a period of deliberation. 


Kenyan Government Does Not Let Up on Operators

In 2019, the Kenyan Government spent most of its time in a dispute with operators because of tax revenues. The draft bill includes provisions for an extra level of 1% every month on gambling income and a 35% tax on every revenue from gambling ads. Also, it is expected that licensing payments will increase, with a change in renewal payments from KES 30 million per 3 years to KES 15 million per year. 


Cambodia is Set to Legalize Gambling

This year, Cambodia is anticipated to introduce a gambling bill to take advantage of an industry that is gaining popularity. The legislation is anticipated to establish particular gambling areas and ban citizens in Cambodia from playing. Licenses for Integrated Resort should be legal for 20 years. Also, the standalone gambling facilities licenses should be legal for 5 years. In addition to that, the legislation will establish the Commercial Gaming Committee of Cambodia. 


Ukraine will Re-regulate Finally

In 2020, the ban on gambling in the country is removed. On November, 6 separate gambling legislation was released into the Ukrainian parliament. Eventually, they were combined into a single bill. However, it failed to pass on its 1st vote. That’s why it was returned to the committee. Finally, the legislation was passed on January 16, 2020. 

20 licenses will be assigned by the Commission for the Development and Regulation of Gambling to run casinos in hotels. In addition to that, they will also assign 160 slot machine hall licenses, 80 licenses for retail betting shop, and 10 licenses to perform online gambling and betting.

For 10 years, gambling has been banned in Ukraine. But, illegal betting and gambling have been widespread. Slot machine halls were pretending to be lottery facilities since they’re the only type of gambling that’s legal. Fake lottery facilities were predominant across the country. 

The UK Constricts License Conditions

The United Kingdom will see a couple of new variations to its gambling regulations this year. There will be new criteria for alternative dispute resolution. In addition to that, they will have stricter requirements for how licensees determine at-risk gamblers. The United Kingdom will also release new regulations that prohibit the use of credit cards for gambling starting in April 2020. According to the Gambling Commission of Britain, starting from April 14, establishments in the United Kingdom will be banned from accepting credit cards from gamblers placing wagers. The ban will be applied to all kinds of gambling. However, National Lottery Tickets can still be purchased using credit cards since they are sold in newsagents and grocery stores and it will be extremely hard for retailers to separate. [source: https://www.casinomartini.com/uk-casino-bonuses/]

This is huge news since according to data from ThinkTank UK, 800,000 out of 24 million gamblers in the United Kingdom utilize credit cards to gamble in 2018. 

In addition to that, licensees will have new regulations for contributing to research on problem gambling. A couple of these changes have already started. 

Greece Increases License Fees

The Ministry of Finance in Greece is considering to release new changes into the industry of gambling. Licenses for online sports betting will cost €3 million and other online game licenses will cost €2 million. Each license will be legal for 7 years. Also, games that are RNG-based will have €2 as a maximum stake. They’ll also have potential winners per game capped at €5000. RNG-based games ads will only be permitted on websites where the games are offered. 

Spain is Addressing Its Problem Gambling

The government in Spain is considering releasing new gambling regulations this year. The 6 limitations being released are targeted at preventing and lowering problem gambling. Also, ads restrictions the same as those that govern ads for the tobacco industry will come into effect. Furthermore, the coalition government also is considering to ban gambling businesses from opening before 10:00 PM.

In addition to that, the Spanish Government also is considering to require businesses to have warnings about the risks of problem gambling. To produce a safe gambling environment, operators are considering working with the government. 

Denmark Sets Limits on Deposit

Beginning on January 2020, before they can play, gamblers in Denmark need to set deposit restrictions for themselves. In addition to that, players should be able to directly self-exclude on the website rather than having to call a customer service representative. 

The Netherlands Places a Hold on Regulation

Though the Dutch market was anticipated to be legal by January 2020, the change in laws has been postponed until January 2021. Operators who take the additional year to make preparations can well have their investment and time rewarded. 

Germany Starts Providing Sports Betting Licenses

In Germany, 2020 is a huge year of new gambling regulations. Germany started providing land-based and online sports betting licenses on January 1, 2020 after an extended delay. Only a single German state provides licenses for online casinos. It is the Schleswig-Holstein.

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