3 Best corded stick vacuums for pet hair 2019

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A stick corded vacuum is one of the best types of vacuum cleaners. These vacuums have no charge and time limits that follow the cordless and robot cleaners. They keep the same high suction power during the whole process and, consequently, cope better with difficult floorings and complicated pollutions. Their practical construction provides excellent maneuverability and needs small storage space. Also, one of the nice advantages of such vacuum cleaners is the presence of a large number of different nozzles and replaceable brushes for cleaning different types of floor coverings and dirt. Pet hair tools occupy here a special place. In this review, we decided to examine the three best stick corded pet vacuums that are excellent in hair and fur cleaning. 

iTvanila VAC-C1

A stick corded iTvanila VAC-C1 vacuum cleaner is not very well known to the wide customer, which is quite unfairly! This model is perfect for those who are looking for a combination of high-quality cleaning of dirt and hair and an adequate price in one vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner was designed to meet the needs and wishes of pet owners. A powerful engine, 600 W of consumption, and an excellent 15 kPa suction will cope with the smallest and complex contaminants. Such capacity is sufficient for cleaning smooth solid surfaces and carpets with low pile. If you have thick soft carpets, let us warn you – in this case, it`s not worth counting on much as this vacuum was planned for mainly hard floor cleaning.

Engineers have created a thoughtful design in which all the elements are aimed at gathering pet hair from every corner in your home. The set includes a standard 180-degree brush with nylon and soft carbon bristles, which removes debris from hard surfaces; a crevice and furniture tool; and a pet hair nozzle. All three are designed in such a way as to maximize the collection of fur. Plus, iTvanila has a function of transformation in a handheld vacuum cleaner. The small weight of 7.35 pounds and the long six-meter cord contribute to this mode.

Like many modern vacuum cleaners, this model has a triple HEPA filter to clean the air and trap the smallest particles, pollen, and allergens. Cyclonic suction ensures tightness and thorough collection of garbage. The vacuum cleaner does not have a bag, which is a plus for hygiene.

Shark Rocket Complete HV382

Shark Rocket Complete HV382 has many advantages necessary for cleaning dust and hair. Firstly, it is equipped with DuoClean technology, which combines two brushrolls with different bristles in one head. The brushes work together and allow you to clean both the hard floor and the carpets without the need to change the nozzles manually. Thanks to this technology, a vacuum cleaner removes 3 types of dirt from your floor and carpets: large, small, and stuck on particles including hair. Such a multilateral approach was called Triple Particle Cleaning. Secondly, the kit also includes a crevice tool for cleaning in the most inaccessible and narrow places; a small TruePet mini-motorized brush for cleaning pet hair without twisting or sticking that makes removal more difficult; and an upholstery tool for cleaning up dust and hair from upholstered furniture and other fabrics.

This vacuum cleaner has a good filtration system, which also cleans and refreshes the air in the room. All filters are removable, reusable, and washed under water for future use. The filters aren`t called HEPA, but they are almost equal to its quality of work. Shark belongs to the category of bagless vacuums and has a dust collector holding 1.0 dry quart.

Shark HV382 vacuum cleaner is notable on its excellent maneuverability. The small size and thoughtful design help clean under any furniture. The low weight of 4.6 pounds makes the vacuum cleaner versatile for floor cleaning as well as above-floor objects vacuuming in the handheld mode. The cord has a length of 30 ft, which allows you to remove a fairly large area of the room safely. 

Bissell Lightweight 3-in-1 Cleaner

Bissell Lightweight 3-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner doesn`t have a large selection of nozzles or any unique technologies, but this fact doesn`t prevent it from being a nice corded vacuum cleaner of the middle class, which also gives an excellent result of pet hair cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for use on carpet, hard floor, stairs, and fabrics. Like the previous vacuum cleaners, it can turn into a handheld vacuum and can be very useful for cleaning special places located above the floor level. The weight of the whole construction is only 4.2 pounds.

9.5-inch floor brush works both on open spaces and under any furniture. Using the switch on the handle, you can quickly and easily control a 2-amp motor, that supplies power to a vacuum and adjust suction. As an additional nozzle in the set, there is a crevice brush, which can be used in hard-to-reach or spot locations. Major functional changes occur by attaching or removing the handle. You get a close range vac, which is great for cleaning stairs and such complex contaminants as hair. No matter what configuration you choose, the 16-inch power cord will give you the freedom to move around the room. Also, complex debris is successfully removed due to cyclonic suction, which ensures tightness and capture of any size particles.

Cyclonic suction picks up trash in a transparent dust collector. As soon as dust and dirt fill the 750-ml cup, you can empty it at the touch of a button. Inside the vacuum is a removable fabric filter.

So, thanks to these three and many other decent vacuum cleaners, you no longer have to choose between cleanliness in the house and your favorite pets. A stick pet vacuum cleaner will quickly and easily remove hair and allergens and leave an atmosphere of comfort.

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