3 Common Misconceptions About Electric Bikes

3 Common Misconceptions About Electric Bikes

People come out of the woodwork with rumors and misconceptions about things when they get popular. This phenomenon holds for electric bicycles—there seems to be no end to the false myths that have sprung up around this exciting hobby. Read on to learn three common misconceptions about electric bikes.

They Aren’t Good for Exercise

This misconception is understandable. If you’ve never ridden an electric bicycle, you may assume it’s nothing more than a quieter motorcycle. However, e-bikes offer a great deal of exercise due to their nature. E-bikes are pedal-assisted, which means that you still pedal to move forward while riding them.

You can also adjust the level of pedal assistance. As a result, you get to decide whether you want an intense workout or a tranquil ride. Either way, you’ll need to exercise at least a bit since there’s no propulsion without pedaling.

They’re Too Expensive

Dedicated electric bikes are expensive—there’s no doubt about that. However, purchasing a dedicated electric bike is not the only way to enjoy e-biking! Perhaps the most efficient way to blend value and enjoyment is to use an e-bike conversion kit.

This allows you to turn any average bike into an electric bicycle with some time and a few simple tools. The conversion kit route also has a much lower price tag than purchasing a dedicated e-bike.

They Have a Short Battery Life

Anyone whose e-bike battery loses its charge after an hour or swears that their battery died completely after a month simply wasn’t taking good care of it. While it’s true that certain environmental factors like cold can reduce your battery’s life, as long as you know some tips for extending your e-bike battery’s life, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your power source for years. So store it in a dry, temperature-regulated room when you’re not using it and avoid overcharging it.

Now that you know these three common misconceptions about electric bikes, pick up a conversion kit and try an e-bike for yourself. You can help bust these myths wide open!