3 Creative Ways to Boost Employee Morale


With an evolving workforce, business leaders must pay careful attention to feedback while coming up with creative ways to boost employee morale when it’s flagging. If you rely on the same couple of morale-boosting programs and events each year without adjusting according to your company’s shifting culture and needs, you risk not servicing your employees well and making them feel less connected or wanted. Though every workplace differs, here are some general tips for helping your workers feel more enthusiastic about coming into work.

Foster Cross-Departmental Connection and Relationship

Nowadays, employees want to get a full vision of how their company works and why they do things a certain way. This helps them to place the piece of the puzzle they do—whether that be marketing, web development, or something else—into a full company picture. This helps them see the ultimate purpose of their work in the grand scheme of the company. To give them a company-wide vision, structure in shadowing sessions between workers in different departments. In the process, they will also form relationships with people they wouldn’t ordinarily interact with.

Get Creative With Encouraging Breaks

It’s clear that regular breaks improve efficiency while adding pleasant diversification to the day. To convince employees to actually take them, give them legitimate options for getting away from their desks. Many times, people waffle between taking a break and continuing to work to avoid getting behind. It would be easier to get them away from their desks if you installed a foosball table and other gaming equipment in the breakroom and created spaces conducive to taking a break. For your more reserved workers, you could even install more individualized seating so they could read or sit in peace as they break.

Reward Employees

Our final creative way to boost employee morale is to reward them for a specific quality or skill they excel at. The creativity behind rewarding someone lies in what rewards you offer and how you strive to notice your employees’ work and presence in the company. There are many different types of employee recognition awards you can choose from or use as inspiration for your own, such as the Others-First award for exemplary humility and relentless service.