3 Pittsburgh Property Developments To Keep An Eye Out For

Amid the construction boom, Pittsburgh property developers suddenly found themselves cutting down manpower by nearly 60% in some construction sites, according to the Pittsburgh Business Times. Now that lockdown restrictions have relaxed somewhat, it would seem that Pittsburgh’s construction activity will hit its full stride very soon. Let’s look at some of the most interesting properties that have just resumed development.

Bakery Square In East Liberty 

Bakery Square is a shining example of Pittsburgh’s construction boom. Formerly a Nabisco factory, it is now slated to become a new base of operations for tech firms, including big names such as Google. It’s also going to include university research facilities. This property stretches across Penn Avenue to the area that used to be Reizenstein school, bridged by a pedestrian sky bridge. A final for project completion is yet to be given. But the first part of the project is scheduled to be delivered by the end of October 2020. 

That first part would be the Bakery Office Three project, which will occupy the site that was formerly Reizenstein school. Bakery Office Three will be the workplace of over 1,500 employees working for Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care, a facility moving out of suburban Murrysville early in 2020. Commercial accommodations are also in the works, such as two stories of restaurant space which will include the renowned Smallman Galley. There will also be atmosphere improvements, and its overall layout will be overhauled to give it a better sense of flow. 

Hazelwood Green in Hazelwood

Although set back eight weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, construction for Hazelwood Green has resumed. Once an expansive LTV Steel complex, it will soon be the site of the biggest solar installation in the United States. The main focus will be constructed on the roof of one of the steel factory’s facilities called “Mill 19.” The interior of Mill 19 will be converted into a high-tech workshop and office. Apart from that, it will also play host to the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute, an institution headed by Carnegie Mellon University. The Manufacturing Futures Initiative will also be involved in its operations. 

But besides this technological focus, developers also aim for Hazelwood Green to be an environmentally friendly recreational area and botanical experiment facility. There’s going to be a 1.9-mile trail for pedestrians and bikers, a public plaza of vibrant lawns and granite slabs, and a riverfront park. Considering the property used to be a steel manufacturing plant, it is a remarkable feat of land clearing. The people behind this development seem dedicated to making Hazelwood Green a champion of sustainable design.  

The Highline In South Side 

Once an 868,000-square-foot shipping hub, the 114-year-old warehouse complex in the South Side is being rebuilt as an industrial office space. In keeping with the recent trend of sustainable designs, it has also raised its green space running toward the river. This has also led to the developers naming it “The Highline,” after the famous park in Manhattan. Construction is almost complete, and the property is now open to the public. The Highline overlooks Downtown Pittsburgh and Liberty Bridge, as well as its own public plaza. There will also be several commercial outlets on the property. Businesses that have signed on so far include Sly Fox Brewing Co. and a bike shop.  

The construction boom continuing despite the pandemic truly represents Pittsburgh’s dedication to economic success. If conditions remain ideal, we will likely see these developments push to completion very soon.

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