3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Windows

3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Windows

Windows can transform the look and feel of your home. On the outside of your house, they add curb appeal. They also make your home’s rooms look better by allowing natural light in. And whatever the weather, a view of the outside world can make you more comfortable.

Take care of your windows to continue enjoying these benefits and avoid costly damage. Learn three signs you need to replace your windows.

1. You Have Single-Pane Windows

If your home has single-pane windows, it’s time for an upgrade. Doubling the panes provides an extra seal against the weather outside, helping your home maintain its internal temperature with less energy. Lower energy consumption makes double-pane windows an eco-friendly alternative.

Also, you’ll have less condensation forming on the glass of double-pane windows. Water droplets form when the warm air in your home comes into contact with cold glass. But double-pane windows stay warmer than single-pane ones, making this less of an issue.

2. You Feel a Draft

If you stand near your windows and feel a draft, that could be a sign that it’s time to replace your windows. When you don’t have a good seal around your windows, or when they have a crack, you may waste energy and money blowing heated or cooled air out of the house. Replace your windows with modern models that have high energy efficiency.

3. It’s Difficult To Raise and Lower the Windows

If you have a hard time closing and opening your windows, you might need to get new ones. As with all manufactured moving parts, your windows can wear down over time.

There are a few reasons your windows might be stuck. If it’s due to debris, then cleaning the window’s track might be enough to fix the problem. But if there’s a problem with the window or frame, you might have switch out the window completely.