3 Tips for Planning a Last-Minute Birthday Party

3 Tips for Planning a Last-Minute Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party amid the COVID-19 pandemic is incredibly difficult. It’s hard to know if it’s alright to host one, and if you do, how to go about it. If loved ones change their minds and decide to go forward with a party with proper precautions, you don’t have much prep time.

Even without a viral crisis, life is unpredictable. You may face down a day or less to invite guests, decorate, and cook due to a number of reasons. To do these things well given your limitations, read these tips for planning a last-minute birthday party.

Invite Guests Over the Interweb

First, use the wonder of the fast-working internet to invite people. While you may discuss plans informally, it’s always nice to officially receive an invitation as a guest, even if it’s through social media.

Also, this helps you know who is coming and provide any pertinent event info. In a time of uncertainty about social gatherings, you can use your invitation to talk about proactive measures you’ll take and special instructions for guests. If you want them to wear a mask and maintain their distance, include that information.

Use Simple Decoration Staples

Elevate this get-together by decorating your indoor or—more likely—outdoor venue properly. Because you can’t dedicate time to picking out all the best trappings to celebrate the person with a birthday, stick to a couple quick and easy event decorations. For instance, a projector or TV plus pictures of your loved ones over the years makes a big impression despite the minimal effort it takes.

Cook Creatively With What You Have

Meanwhile, another tip for planning a last-minute birthday party is to cook according to what you have. While a mad dash to the store is tempting, you may already have all you really need. Cheese and crackers, sandwiches, or something simple in a slow-cooker (if you have a handful of hours) is perfect. If you can’t take the heat, though, ordering pizzas or other favorites takes food prep off your plate.

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