3 Tips for Teaching Someone To Drive Stick Shift

3 Tips for Teaching Someone To Drive Stick Shift

While driving a manual transmission entails more training than an automatic, learning to drive stick is a useful skill to master and can even save money in the long run. When you are the instructor, it is important to approach the task with knowledge as well as patience. Remember, there was a time you had to learn the process as well. Before sliding over to the passenger seat of your manual drive, explore these three tips for teaching someone to drive stick shift in a productive and safe manner.

Review Manual Gears

It’s vital to review the different gears in a manual transmission before allowing an inexperienced stick driver behind the wheel. Manual transmission requires a distinct set of skills to control and maneuver the vehicle. Help your stick student and you feel more comfortable by going over the fundamentals of stick shift and how it differs from an automatic transmission. Don’t get behind the wheel until your student can confidently say when and how to shift gears.

Use an Older Transmission

It’s ideal to use a car with an older manual transmission to teach someone to drive stick. Older transmissions can help someone understand the basics of driving stick like using the clutch, gas, and brakes without the risk of damaging a newer vehicle.

Practice in a Large Area

It’s practical to use a large space to conduct driving lessons. It’s especially important for teaching someone to drive stick because of the extra steps involved and the need for the car to reach certain speeds before shifting gears. Avoid the additional stress of stalling or even colliding with other vehicles by teaching in a large space, such as an empty parking lot.

Learning how to drive stick shift isn’t mandatory in a world of automatic transmissions, but it is a useful skill for anyone to learn. Mastering the basics of operating a manual transmission could be enough to expand their car options or prepare them from an emergency that requires them to drive stick. When teaching someone to drive stick shift, be mindful of their comfort level. Teach and practice in a safe environment and have patience. Eventually, your student will be ready to take their skills onto the road.

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