3 Unique Birthday Gifts To Get for Your Dad

3 Unique Birthday Gifts To Get for Your Dad

As we all know, birthdays happen once a year, but their assuredness does not do much in quelling our anxieties as we rack our minds for the perfect gift. What’s more, dads can be notoriously secretive about their habits and interests, so it can be difficult to develop a new idea. However, you are not stuck purchasing him yet another pair of socks; here are three unique birthday gifts to get for your dad.

If He Enjoys Wine

If your dad obsesses over all things wine, then he will graciously accept a vintage bottle you splurged on. Moreover, you can also gift him a variety of tools for which he can enjoy his wine. Consider a wine decanter, chiller, or vintage opener. You may not be able to understand your dad’s fascination with wine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get him a unique gift for his birthday.

If He Adores Cars

If your dad constantly reminisces about the days he drove around in his first car, making memories galore, you might consider gifting him a model car. Moreover, your dad might have an unobtainable dream car. Purchasing a scale model of his dream is a great way for him to own a car he never could or reminisce over the ones he had.

If you choose this gift, there are some things to know about the different sizes of model cars. Model cars come in a variety of scales. It is best to aim for 1:18 scale models, as these are the perfect size that still shows high-quality detail while fitting comfortably on a shelf.

If He Loves Cooking

If your dad likens himself to the house chef, he likely appreciates and uses high-quality items to cook. However, quality cooking ingredients and tools can get quite expensive, so gifting him something he has his eyes on is a great way to show your appreciation. You can get him many things, but if you don’t know where to start or what he wants, consider a quality extra virgin olive oil or a Bluetooth Sous Vide.

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