4 Crucial Reasons To Have a Winter Drainage System

4 Crucial Reasons To Have a Winter Drainage System

As you start to gear up for the long winter months, there are several different things you might need to do to prepare your home and property. From insulating your pipes to winterizing and storing your outdoor furniture and equipment, even the smallest of tasks can have a lasting effect come spring. However, if there’s anything you should put closer to the top of your to-do list, it’s installing and maintaining a drainage system. Here are some crucial reasons to have a winter drainage system for your home, as well as a few benefits this system can provide.

More Predictable Freeze-Thaw Cycles

While winter might seem consistently cold to us, this isn’t always the case. In fact, each snowy season goes through notable fluctuations in temperature, causing the water on your property to freeze, thaw, then freeze again. Freeze-thaw cycles impact a variety of aspects around your home since the water will relocate when thawed, then refreeze in a new position. As such, using a drainage system to better control where that water rests can go a long way in predicting how these cycles will affect your home this winter.

Less Property Damage

When water freezes, it expands in volume. If left unaddressed, this can cause severe damage to key parts of your home. Some particularly susceptible areas include your plumbing system, siding, and even your concrete foundation and driveway. However, with a proper drainage system to direct the flow of water, you’re keeping ice away from the home and, therefore, minimizing cracks or leaks.

Increased General Safety

Another vital reason to have a winter drainage system for your home is the overall increase in safety it provides you and any visitors. If water routinely freezes over your drive and walkways, it can create an incredibly slippery surface that increases your chances of injury. In fact, falls are the number one cause of broken bones and lacerations during the winter months. For this reason, creating your own drainage system with a quality skid steer dozer blade and the right equipment can help maximize your well-being. These machines are great for carving out subtle drainage trenches in your yard so melting snow and ice can move out of your walking areas.

Decreased Overall Liability

Increasing the safety of your property during winter can help cut back on potential liability as well, should someone else walk onto your property. Homeowners have a certain level of responsibility for keeping their guests safe in and around their homes. As such, accidental falls can quickly lead to unexpected lawsuits and costly fines. Therefore, drainage systems don’t just help maintain your physical health; they protect your financial security, too.

Make your home a better protected and safer place this year by installing a drainage system to accommodate precipitation. After all, the snow won’t stay frozen forever, and you’ll want to be ready for any sudden rise in temperature.