4 Essential Ways Honey Benefits Cosmetic Businesses

4 Essential Ways Honey Benefits Cosmetic Businesses

For some, honey is a simple syrup to include in food and beverage recipes. However, there’s far more than what meets the eye when it comes to honey. This syrup contains some of the most condensed and potent health and beauty properties.

For centuries, cultures have included this ingredient in skin, nail, and hair products. However, many cosmetic companies and industries still overlook the natural and effective properties that honey can add to their formulas.

If you run your own cosmetic business for hair, skin, or nail products and do not already use honey in your formulas, read our guide below on the four essential ways honey benefits cosmetic businesses.

Reduces Acne

One of the most significant problems facing most cosmetic companies today is the use of comedogenic ingredients. Comedogenic ingredients are components of product formulas that are prone to clogging the skin’s pores and creating future acne breakouts.

Many cosmetic businesses knowingly include comedogenic ingredients in their hair, makeup, and skin formulas because they believe these ingredients are more effective than harmful. However, for customers with sensitive skin, these products can create acne that leaves lasting damage.

Luckily, raw honey is both naturally non-comedogenic and highly useful for reducing acne. Honey’s natural antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals kill off surface-level bacteria when applied to the face. As a result, customers are less likely to develop future acne with more balanced and clear skin. 

Business owners of skin care and makeup lines should consider using honey for these benefits.

Naturally Exfoliates Skin

Not only does honey help to reduce acne breakouts, but this product is also the perfect addition to any exfoliation formula. Raw honey’s sticky texture makes it an effective yet gentle ingredient for peeling away dead and dull skin from the face. 

In addition, since raw honey also has high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this natural exfoliator will add intense moisture to new skin cells.

If your business is searching for a secret ingredient to add to its skin line formulas, consider adding honey.

Hydrates Skin, Hair, and Nails

One of the most challenging elements of any hair, skin, or nail product is hydration. While most businesses can find the perfect formulas for nourishing hair, skin, and nails, fewer brands have nailed how to lock in moisture and hydration with their product formulas. Most often, cosmetic companies end up releasing formulas that are either too oily or too dry.

If your cosmetic business can relate to this problem, then it may be time to consider adding honey to your formulas.

Here’s what makes honey such an effective hydration tool for products: honey moisturizes your skin, hair, and nails without disrupting the body’s normal pH. The texture of honey also makes this ingredient ideal for soaking vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants into the skin without excess oils.

Heals Scarring

Another essential way that honey benefits cosmetic businesses is by healing past skin damage and scarring. Since this syrup contains so many healthy vitamins and minerals, honey is highly effective at helping skin cells repair more rapidly.

Organic raw honey is a must-have ingredient for cosmetic businesses that create products for customers with dry skin conditions. Skin-care product formulas that include honey for healing will rapidly improve skin texture and quality while hydrating the epidermis.

After considering how many different benefits natural honey can add to cosmetic formulas, it’s a mystery why some businesses continue to overlook this powerful ingredient. Add honey to your cosmetic business’s inventory if you haven’t already!

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