4 Interesting Products Made With Stainless Steel

4 Interesting Products Made With Stainless Steel

When people think of stainless steel, they often connect it with uses in home appliances, construction, or the automotive industry. However, you might find it surprising to learn what other products manufacturers and professionals use it for. Here are four interesting products made with stainless steel that may change how you look at this alloy.

Product #1 – Lock Picks

When a soldier or a police officer uses a premium quality lock pick to get a door open to save a life, or your friend picks a lock as part of their hobby, they might be using one that consists of stainless steel. The steel gives users a strong material for lock picking that prevents their tools from being too brittle or malleable.

Product #2 – Medical Tools

Another example of interesting products made with stainless steel is surgical or dental tools. Steel is a great material for these products because it does not rust easily, and users can easily clean it. These qualities make it ideal for hospitals and dental offices where specialists need to keep everything clean and sterile.

Product #3 – Surgical Implants

The medical world also uses stainless steel in a surprising place: the human body. Doctors can use the material for applications that include replacing tissue or stabilizing bone tissue to help the patient heal. Stainless steel is good for implants because it resists corrosion when it comes in contact with a biological fluid. Hence, the patient has a reduced chance of developing an infection.

Product #4 – Garden Equipment

The next time you dig a hole with a small shovel in your garden, you may be using a product that consists of stainless steel. Not only is stainless steel good for garden tools because they resist rust and corrosion, but it also makes them very sturdy.

Thanks to these qualities, your tools are long-lasting, so you do not have to worry about replacing them in the short term. Additionally, if you lose your shovel, you should have no trouble finding it in your garden, thanks to the steel’s reflective finish.

So, the next time you think of stainless steel, don’t just pigeonhole it with materials professionals use to build appliances, cars, or structures. Instead, remember that it can help heal people, save lives, and grow the food you put on your table.