4 Reasons You Should Still Carry Cash

4 Reasons You Should Still Carry Cash

So many individuals heavily rely on credit and debit cards and rarely ever carry cash anymore. Don’t let this be you! Decide today that you’re going to be an avid cash carrier. Below are four reasons you should still carry cash. Get reading, and find your way to the ATM today!

Splitting Checks

If you and your friends are going out for dinner, it’s just easier to have cash on you to split the check at the end of the night. Some restaurants can easily split up the bill, but others can’t. Having cash available allows you to easily split the bill down the middle while giving you the opportunity to leave a cash tip as well.

Cash-Only Venues

They’re few and far between these days, but you still might run into situations where the only way you can pay is with cash. Always having cash in your wallet allows you to pay when and if you come across this scenario. You never know when you’re going to come across a garage sale where you want to buy something and need cash.

In Case of an Emergency

Unfortunately, emergency scenarios happen. Because of this, you should always be prepared and carry cash. You shouldn’t do this only when you’re going on a road trip or when you’re going out with your friends for the night, but always. You never know what scenario is going to present itself and when you’re going to need cash.

Add Style to Your Wardrobe

This is the fun part. Carrying cash allows you to carry a wallet, and boy, are there a lot of wallets out there to choose from nowadays! There are so many options, ranging from money clips to your own customized wallets. The best part? All of them provide the perfect amount of style for your wardrobe! Wallets are the perfect accessories, and they’re just one more reason you should carry cash with you.

Don’t be the person who can’t pay their part of the bill or who gets stuck in an unfortunate situation because they don’t have cash. Be responsible and add some style to your life today! Heed these four reasons you should still carry cash, and head to the ATM.

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