4 Secret Tips to Grow Cannabis Like a Pro

Maybe you have begun growing cannabis, but you don’t know how to produce the best cannabis buds. There are some secret tips which you can use to grow marijuana and get high quality sticky, smooth, smelly, and shiny buds. Keep in mind that you must be certified by licensed Pennsylvania medical marijuana doctors to qualify for medicinal cannabis use.

Here is how you can grow cannabis like a pro: 

Use the Best Quality Seeds 

As asserted by High Times, purchasing cheap seeds will cost you in the long run. As a rule of thumb, don’t get your seeds from weed bags and old clones; since they are usually of low quality. Most cannabis growers typically don’t know where to buy CBD oils and cannabis seeds. You should buy your seeds from reputable seed banks which are well-known for producing high-quality seeds.

Seeds which are bought from seedbanks usually have the best genetic traits. Furthermore, these seeds are uncontaminated with low-quality marijuana strains thus genetically pure.

Also, you should select the right strain per your situation. Most seedbanks usually have in-stock a variety of seeds of different cannabis strains. You may be overwhelmed and unable to choose the right strain from these cannabis varieties. 

However, there are certain factors which you should consider before selecting the best cannabis strain. Some of these factors include space availability, the place where you would like to grow cannabis, and the type of hit which you would like. If you select a strain which doesn’t fit the weather conditions in your area or which has a hit which you are not fond of, you may struggle to maintain the cannabis plants. 

Maintain the Right Temperature and Humidity in Your Grow Room 


Many cannabis growers who would like to improve the quality and quantity of their yields usually look for where to buy CBD oils and to purchase carbon dioxide monitors, and bigger LED lights. However, if you don’t maintain the right temperature and humidity in your grow room; you will still harvest low quality cannabis even if you purchase the most expensive equipment. 

You should provide high humidity to your marijuana plants at the vegetative phase, and low humidity during the flowering stage. You should also vary the temperature levels per the different growth phases of your cannabis plants. For instance, the temperature levels at the vegetative phase of your marijuana plants should be between 70 – 850F, and you should maintain the temperature below 800F when your cannabis plants reach the flowering stage. Before buying all of your equipment, read up on hydroponics and indoor growing.

Grow Your Cannabis from the Best Mother Plants 

After you have selected the right seeds, you can plant them either indoors or outdoors. Of course, seeds are a much better option than clones if you want to produce the best buds; but some of these seeds may not be reliable. Each seed has its individual characteristics, and it may have certain setbacks, even if you bought them from the most reputable seed bank.

Some of your seeds may grow into males, and you may need to cull them to ensure that there will be no seeds in your marijuana buds. Also, you can use mother plants to boost the levels of trichome production. Most marijuana growers are constantly looking for where to buy CBD oils and the best mother plants. You can derive the best mother plants from your cannabis farm. 

Once you have planted your seeds, you should identify all the females that have promising yields by the fourth week. You can then use these females to clone all the male cannabis plants in your plantation. When you use the best mother plants to grow your cannabis, you will definitely reap high yields.

Lower the Amount of Water Before Harvesting Your Cannabis 


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In the last stages of the flowering phase, your marijuana plants will start producing high amounts of resin. As illustrated by Civilized, you should encourage this resin production process by gradually reducing the levels of water which you used to supply your cannabis plants. You can even leave the roots to start drying up, but be cautious not to damage your cannabis’ roots because you may destroy your plants. 

When you lower the amount of water which you used to supply your cannabis plants, they will produce more resin. This way, you will produce the best shiny and stick buds which have hard hits. Also, when you make the roots to dry up; your buds will have a stronger smell and a strong, rich flavour.


Besides knowing where to buy CBD oils and where to get marijuana seeds and mother plants, you must acquire some specific skills so that you can grow high-quality cannabis plants. When you follow these tips, you will harvest the best looking, sticky and succulent buds.

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