4 Signs That You Should Buy a New Television

4 Signs That You Should Buy a New Television

The television is by far one of the most integral parts of a living room or family room. Nowadays, it’s almost strange to have a room without some kind of television inside of it. However, because television sets are often large purchases that take a lot of time to figure out, we try to hang onto them as long as possible. There’s nothing wrong with this, but the longer you keep the same television, the worse it will perform. Be on the lookout for some of these signs that you should buy a new television so you can enjoy what you want to watch.

Physical Cracks

Of all the signs that you need to buy a new TV, an actual crack in the screen is probably the biggest one. Unlike some of the other problems on this list, you can’t really fix a cracked screen—not without getting a whole new one, anyway. If your TV took a serious hit or fall and has a noticeable crack running through it, you’ll want to start from scratch and get a new one. It will end up being about the same price as replacing the screen.

Faded Image

A television’s image starting to fade over time is one of the more common issues many televisions have. Especially for older televisions, the backlights installed inside of them might not be up to snuff with modern innovations. This causes the image of your television to get dark and faded since not enough light emits from the backlight inside of the box. You could try an extensive repair, but if your television is already at this point, you’re better off buying a new one.

Screen Burn-In

Screen burn-in is that weird phenomenon where it seems like one specific image is stuck into your screen and won’t go away, even if you change the channel or turn the TV off completely. There are several reasons this could happen, and most of them require serious repairs if you want the TV to be back in working order. A burnt-in screen can be a real hassle to deal with, so you might be better off getting a new one.

Long Start-Up Time

Especially with older TVs, there is a noticeable lengthening in the amount of time it takes for it to start up fully the longer you have and use it. This just has to do with the TV’s components becoming old and run-down. A replacement will be your best bet in this case because a long start-up usually indicates that multiple different processes inside of the TV have begun to fail.

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