4 Sure Signs That You Have Faulty Roofing

4 Sure Signs That You Have Faulty Roofing

Your roof is an essential structure of your home. So, we need to recognize when it’s failing or in need of repair. Read about these four sure signs that you have faulty roofing, so you can definitively decide if it’s time to call a contractor.

Lack of Uniformity

One of the four sure signs that you have faulty roofing is a general lack of uniformity. To elaborate, upon visual inspection, you’ll notice that one area of your roof looks to be in excellent shape. In contrast, the area directly across from it appears worn, flimsy, or slightly off. A botched roof might also have shingles of varying color or roofing materials that are entirely different from one another.

All of these symptoms indicate that your contractor may have run out of your requested materials and used alternative ones. A quality contractor won’t skimp on this sort of thing, as part of performing an excellent roof restoration is ensuring that the structure is consistent, sturdy, and made from the materials you requested.

Sagging Rooflines

Sagging or curved rooflines are another telltale sign of faulty roofing. Proper roof restorations result in beautiful, straight-as-a-pin rooflines. So, if you go out to examine this feature of your roof and observe dips, curves, or sagging of any kind, it’s likely that your roof is faulty. Sagging rooflines are often the result of a contractor skipping steps and neglecting to ensure that the roof’s framing is sturdy and foundationally sound.

Just as well, it could also be that old decking wasn’t replaced before restoration began. A sagging roofline is as good a reason as any to call a qualified professional out to perform repairs, as improper roof restorations cause more damage to your home down the line.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Of course, examining your shingles is one of the easiest ways to tell if your roof is faulty or failing. If you’ve had your new roof for a year or less and you start to notice missing or damaged shingles, likely, your roof is unsound. Typically, roofs are durable enough to take on years of wear before shingles begin to deteriorate or go missing.

And in the rare instance that they do, it’s usually due to severe weather like blizzards or hurricane-force winds. So, if your roof is newer and you haven’t experienced the wrath of Mother Nature lately, subpar contracting is likely the cause of your shingle damage.

Stains on Your Roofing

Lastly, take one last look at your roof. Do you notice dark spots or stains on it? If so, this is yet another signal that your roof is structurally unsound, and more specifically, it means there’s leakage. These spots are usually dark in color and relatively easy to spot. So, if you see them, it’s wise to take the next step and investigate your attic to determine the severity of your leak.

If the leak is critical enough, you’ll be able to see it seeping through the surface of your attic. And be wary if you see various dark spots on your roof, as this usually indicates a more severe issue and could require a total roof replacement.

So if you notice any of these issues with your roof, it’s probably time to call a professional to have it checked out.