5 Benefits of Terrazzo Flooring

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One of the front runners for the floors of many buildings today is the terrazzo. This material is commonly seen in houses, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other commercial places because they blend nicely with the panels and the walls. 

Know that there are several methods when it comes to the installation of terrazzo. You can contact experts for terrazzo flooring installation to know which ones are suitable for your property. Some use poured-in-place epoxy materials, which has been a favorite of many architects because they have lots of versatility in design opportunities. This means that when poured in place, the workers can add additional designs that will make the floor unique.

Another popular choice for many is the cement terrazzo. This is famous for its vintage look, and they are ideal for applications involving the exterior faces of buildings and restaurants. There are precast molds where the terrazzo is made under a controlled environment. It’s then later transported to a site for installation. For people interested in this kind of flooring, here are some of the benefits that they should consider.

Why Install Terrazzo?

1. They Offer Longevity and Durability

The terrazzo floors are not only beautiful but also durable. They can last longer than the lifespan of the property where they were installed. Some of these buildings may sometimes go through several replacements, especially if they have wooden flooring. However, installing suitable materials will decrease the need for a floor replacement for many years to come.

These materials are used for high traffic, so you can usually see them in airports, hospitals, and schools. They have a high compressive strength that can fight off the foot traffic or even heavy machinery that comes above them. They require minimal maintenance aside from routine cleaning to maintain their beauty.

2. Low Costs During their Life Cycle

One of the materials that your architect may recommend to you is terrazzo because they are a low-cost alternative, but they produce beautiful results. One factor is their one-time installation and the low frequency of their replacements. They belong to the group of lowest life cycles, and this can mean plenty of savings to building owners as time passes.

3. Plenty of Design Opportunities and Capabilities

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The terrazzo has the edge over other media because they have a speckled appearance. The creation of these materials is through the combination of glass chips, marbles, aggregates, colors, and the choice of resin.

Many building owners are delighted that they don’t have to settle for the customary tiles. Instead, they can choose the designs, colors, and styles that will match their buildings perfectly. They have the opportunity to customize every detail and to make the outcome more beautiful. Know that the right companies can provide complex art and designs and elaborate logos as long as the client requested them.

The results are going to be different for everybody. There are mixes and matches, and there are special touches to the floors that are not found in any other place. Terrazzo opens up the opportunity for exploration, and many architects have already created shower stalls, countertops, and stairs to match the floors of the property.

4. Environmentally-Friendly Option

Terrazzo has a good ranking when it comes to being environment-friendly. Since the 15th century, it has long been regarded as “green.” Many manufacturers are promoting sustainability and health towards their workers when working in their companies. All the materials used have benefits to Mother Earth.

Many of the corporations involved in the flooring industry have adopted some measures to have more sustainable flooring for many people. Many epoxy resin systems consist of more organic and volatile compounds, and they are becoming more renewable and environment-friendly as the years go by. They promote a better quality of air indoors, and some of the sealers and divider strips are usually made to be organic.

Another great thing about this kind of flooring is that it has contributed to the certifications involving LEED. LEED is a guideline for achieving the designs of what’s considered a sustainable building. This can be obtained through careful choice of materials, and this can include terrazzo flooring. Some are using local materials or recycled glasses to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment.

5. A More Resistant Surface

Many business owners are finding it very rare to damage a terrazzo material. You can read more about terrazzo on this site here. This kind of flooring is resistant to chemical spills, fire, water damage, and other stains. With the right contractors using the best and premium sealers, this will add protection to your floors, and you’ll find that they will be worth it.

Most of the consumer’s misconception about terrazzo is its slipperiness. However, this is not true at all. Some who have tried and installed these materials have proven that terrazzo is resistant to accidental slips, and it’s perfectly safe to walk on them. However, some specific sealants and waxes are prone to accidents, so the focus should be on the coating.

These materials are already proven to be cost-effective, beautiful, customizable, and adaptable. They are easy to maintain, and you can enhance their characteristics as long as you work with the best contractors in your area. The color choices can give you a more vintage touch, or you can add some contemporary designs on these floors to make your building livelier.

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