5 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Upgrades

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Home decor, a word that instantly fills up everyone with excitement and enthusiasm! The eagerness to install something new, bright and exotic in an otherwise dull interior, is sure to bring out the child’s joy, even in a grownup. The hustle to choose something different and unique and to place in one’s haven, to have another comfy little addition that makes a house, home. 

But, if instead of home decor, the topic is a Home Decor Upgrade, why does it immediately bring about the feeling of dread? Maybe it is the fact that installing decor items or ideas into a new place is more willing than tossing out the old decor and getting a new one. Or, maybe the problem is, that it gets really costly to get innovative, yet, stylish decor upgrades, even if once in a while. It is obvious that even a single stylish and chic decor upgrade will surely break your bank, let alone getting more than one upgrade.  

Modern furnishings, decor, and upgrades require a lot than just imagination and creativity. The time to go out and choose, the stress of splurging money, and also how well the showpiece or upgrade will get along with the rest of the house, takes more than mere effort.

But what if you have been delaying your home renovation for a long time, just because you think that you cannot afford it? If you are yearning to give your house a good makeover but are afraid of the cost, its time to let the fear go because all upgrades do not cost you gazillions! 

Following here are some exceptional home decor, and budget-friendly ideas that will make your bank account feel appreciated and safe. The best about these ideas is that they will surely give a boost to your house’s look and also will help you recycle some of your old things. Additionally, if you are a DIY fan, you will find some interesting DIY ideas in the following few ideas!

1. Upcycle Your Furniture’s Look

Don’t panic! You don’t have to buy new furniture for this. Because we are keeping it budget-friendly, it’s only fair if we keep the expenditure in check. So, all you have to do is get a bit creative and give your furniture a bit of glam. 

You can buy a fluffy blanket, or if you have a few old quilts, small double bed sheets, or printed bed sheets, they can double up as good pillowcases or sofa cushion covers. You may have a favorite quilt that is torn somewhere, but you don’t want to stop using it. There may be a bedsheet with a pretty good print that you love. All you need to do is: – 

  • Measure the cushions’ length and breadth.
  • Add half an inch extra to the measurements for the sewing.
  • Measure these lengths on the favorite part of your blanket and cut with the added half an inch.
  • Sew the sides with the cloth’s backsides turned outwards, leaving a small hole to put in the cushion. 
  • Take the front side of the cloth out, put the cushion in, hand sew the hole, and you are done! 

2. Get a Custom Canvas Print

Now, this is not exactly a DIY, but if it doesn’t break your bank, it sure needs to be on the list. Getting a custom canvas print seems to be like something luxuries and something that is anything but budget-friendly. 

Although it’s not the same with CanvasPop, once you have done what needs to be done, you will get a lavish-looking CanvasPop custom print up your wall, and that too, without spending anything considered unreasonable. Do the following! 

  • Upload a picture very near to your heart that you will love hanging from your wall.
  • You can also upload from your social media!
  • Choose the size that’s fit for you, and also choose filters and effects to get the most of the deal.
  • Get the delivered custom hand-stretched canvas print and add it to your treasure of home decor possessions.

3. Get Handy with Wallpapers

Not very difficult to do, and certainly not very costly, wallpaper addition to home decor changes the scene by a great deal. There are just so many ways that you can use a trusty wallpaper. 

All you need to do is get one which you like the most and is of good quality. Additional things needed are a sturdy ladder and a strong adhesive if your wallpaper doesn’t have a glued side in the first place.

  • Wallpaper for walls: – Measure the required lengths, get up your trusted ladder, and with a bit of patience and care, get a brand-new wall! Make sure that you are careful enough and do not rush the whole process. Start from the end of the ceiling and from the end of one side. You can pair designs or mix and match designs on different walls. 
  • Wallpaper for the rustic element: – Get a wallpaper with a woody print. Use it to line floors or give a rustic look to old cabinets. There is so much you can do with the wallpapers without anyone even knowing it. 

4. Add Some Glasses

The modern interior designing is incomplete if you do not add a few glassware. And the Mason Jar trend or any other glass jars lying around are perfect for this look, and it is cheap yet amazing!

  • You can drop in some string lights in a few jars and lights them up in dimly lit areas for an uncommon look.
  • You can also buy inexpensive mason jar candles and get the aroma flowing in your newly made-over house. 
  • If you want a bit of vibrancy, drop in a few colorful flowers in mason jars half-filled with water! 

5. Fruit Crate Bookshelf

Have a few cardboard crates in your backyard? Get them and your hot glue gun and to make a new Bookshelf!

  • Hot glue crates together, let the glue dry and spray paint it. 
  • You can also glue them to make shapes, like four crates together for a square and six for a hexagon.
  • You can also place the crates horizontally on a tabletop, or glue several crates to fill out your whole wall! 
  • Place your books in some crates and some lightweight decor in others. 
  • Now you have a piece of beautiful furniture that costed you next to nothing! 

Home decor is something that requires just your heart to pull off something phenomenal irrespective of the setting’s cost. Make sure you get these ideas incorporated into your home. Enjoy your new, budget-friendly setting! 

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