5 Compelling Tips to Manage Holiday Stress

While some see the holidays as a time of merriment and repose, the season brings tension and stress for others. This can come from various triggers, whether it be family issues, travel stressors, or financial struggles. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to combat those negative emotions and actions with positive energy and uplifting thoughts as much as possible. This year, try to get through the holidays with a pep in your step, a smile on your face, and the tensions of the season behind you. Take a look at this collection of tips to manage holiday stress—you won’t regret it!

Stop Saying Yes to Everything

Do yourself a favor—start saying no. Trust us when we say that just saying no to one stressful thing will make the rest of the season easier for you. Do you always have to make the turkey, but then your great-aunt makes a scene about it that brings about way too much tension? Say no to making the turkey this year if that’s the case. The sooner you get used to saying no, the sooner the stress will leave your shoulders.

Write Down Anxiety Soothers

Next, before the stressful season truly begins for you, try writing down different activities, mantras, music, shows, and anything else that will help soothe any strong emotions. If you know that you tend to get angry, for example, write down a few things that help alleviate that anger—it can be writing, walking, baking, or a favorite song. The bigger the list, the more options you’ll have if the going gets tough.

Get Enough Sleep

As always, sleep is on the list of ways to manage stress. It may not seem like it does that much, but how much sleep you get truthfully does make quite the difference in your ability to handle different situations. Four or five hours of sleep means a groggy, cranky you, whereas seven to eight hours, will leave you that much more ready to handle the day. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the season, but do your best to take time for your health.

Say No to Drinking

Another big factor in your health and stress during the holidays comes from alcohol consumption. For a lot of people, the holidays mean drinking. For even more people, that means tense situations, emotional conversations, and maybe a fight. You need to realize how alcohol affects your body; even just one drink can affect your BAC, which can lead to poor judgments from the start. If you don’t drink, but your family does—and you know things will get rocky—excuse yourself. Your self-care is more important. 

Do Something for Yourself Each Day

Our last tip is about ensuring that you make time for yourself each and every day of the holiday season. This is important all year long, but it’s even more important for people during the holiday season. Even if it’s just a quick jaunt around the block, or getting up a bit earlier to have coffee to yourself, little moments alone will help you key in on how you’ll move forward with the day. Set the tone for the holiday season by putting your self-care above trying to please others. You’ll find yourself much happier at the end of the season!