5 Essential Tools Every Travel Nurse Needs

5 Essential Tools Every Travel Nurse Needs

Travel nurses commute across the globe to fill in gaps at hospitals in need of more medical professionals.

The need for travel nurses has increased due to the pandemic, which means they’re traveling more than ever before. Let’s explore the five essential tools every travel nurse needs to succeed in their duty.

Comfortable Shoes

Everyone knows that any professional in the medical industry is constantly on their feet with little time to sit down during the workday. You need to bring comfortable shoes with you on each assignment, and we don’t mean the $20 gym shoes that don’t offer support!

Wearing improper shoes can cause injuries to your feet and legs that will halt your workflow if not replaced immediately. Invest in shoes that will support your sole, arch, and heel while you care for patients.


Be sure to pack your laptop and a portable hotspot so that you can complete your paperwork, communicate with family and friends back home, and have entertainment while you’re off the clock. You should also bring extra chargers that you can carry in a small bag to ensure you’re always on a full battery.

Extra Scrubs

Your scrubs can easily wrinkle throughout the day, affecting your professional appearance. Be sure to bring extra scrubs and a mini clothing steamer, so you always look your best wherever you go. That’s saying nothing about the other hospital messes that make an extra pair of scrubs incredibly valuable.

Portable Oven

You might not have access to a nearby market on your next assignment, so be sure to bring a portable oven so you can heat your food on the go. A portable appliance can save you time and money while also encouraging healthy eating routines.

Travel Autoclave

Although you’re likely working at a well-stocked medical facility, it’s always best to bring your own equipment if your new location doesn’t have the tools and equipment you need. Autoclaves are imperative in the medical field due to their sterilization advantages. Even a small sterilization device can make a world of difference in your work.

Bring these five essential tools every travel nurse needs with you on every assignment to ensure you have what you need when you need it. Doing so will enable you to achieve success on each trip!

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