5 Home Features To Renovate During the Spring

5 Home Features To Renovate During the Spring

There are always elements to upgrade around the house. The tricky part is choosing which aspect is the most important to change. Discover five home features to renovate during the spring to spark ideas for your next residential project!

Focus on Energy Efficiency

During the winter months, you may have noticed your home wouldn’t stay at the proper temperature as determined by the thermostat. It was a constant battle that caused discomfort and higher energy bills each month.

The issue will only worsen as the seasons go by. An important feature to update when the weather warms up is your home’s energy efficiency. That could mean improving weatherstripping, fixing insulation issues, or installing solar panels. Choose the option that will generate the desired results for your home’s needs.

Replace Worn-Down Windows

The sunshine beams through the windows at sunrise and sunset, but do the windows themselves look a little dingey? It makes enjoying the shimmering sunlight much harder. A simple home feature to renovate during the spring is the windows.

Mold and mildew that you can’t remove settle in the cracks. The glass won’t shine like it once used to, and the previous shine of the windowpanes continues to fade away. Instead of putting up with shabby windows, replace them with a new and updated style. It will quickly freshen both the interior and exterior of the home.

Fix Up Damaged Gutters

Many winters are harsh and wreck several outdoor home elements. An important home maintenance project for spring is to repair or replace damaged gutters. They’re commonly impaired by ice, heavy snow, leaves, and branches. When all these items pile up within the system, the gutters fall apart.

As the spring showers commence, take a good look at the gutters. Establish any areas where there’s damage and see if it’s repairable. If not, you may need to replace the entire system so you don’t endure any weather complications this year.

Revamp Dull Landscaping

Is your yard looking a little dreary? Is there minimal greenery or organization throughout these spaces? With the warm weather here, it’s time to revamp the landscaping and bring your home’s exterior back to life.

Remove old mulch and bring in a fresh supply for preexisting planting areas. Perennial shrubs are ideal for the front of the house, but don’t forget to plant some flowers that complement the shrubs too! They will flawlessly brighten the space throughout the spring and summer.

If you’re missing out on some organization, using rocks to frame planted areas is a great fix! It creates a confined area for plants to grow and distinguishes it from other areas of the yard. Instead of a mismatched space, there’s a cohesive and gorgeous arrangement.

Incorporate a Lively Backyard Patio or Deck

Perhaps upgrading the landscaping isn’t enough for your backyard. You need a feature that will accommodate your family and guests for backyard fun in the spring and summer! Incorporating a cobblestone patio or a wooden deck is the perfect addition to make your home feel complete.

Establish a vision in your mind about what you want your backyard to look like. Then, measure the space you have available for this addition. It will give you accurate expectations for the price of materials. Afterward, you can start communicating with a contracting company on starting this incredible new springtime project!

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