5 Ideas for Organizing an Attic Storage Space

5 Ideas for Organizing an Attic Storage Space

If you have an attic, you most likely use it as a catch-all space, and you probably avoid going up there unless you need holiday decorations. It’s time to clean out your attic and make the most out of your overhead space. Use these five ideas for organizing an attic storage space to help declutter your space. 

Map Out Your Storage Organization

Before you start organizing your attic, you should plan where you want to place your items. Create a budget of how much money you’ll spend on potential repairs, cleaning supplies, and storage mechanisms. Take your time and take a few days to visualize your attic and the steps it will take to achieve your goal. 

Store Important Documents in Filing Cabinets

If you keep important documents like birth certificates or insurance paperwork in your attic, you should keep them in a safe area. Add a file cabinet to your attic to your paperwork tidy and organized. You can locate and retrieve a specific document with no stress by adding a filing cabinet. 

Install a Pegboard

Pegboards are common in workplaces that require using tools or craft rooms. However, you can use pegboards to organize almost anything. Install one in your attic to place home improvement tools or lesser-used cleaning supplies. The tools on the pegboard are apparent, so you won’t spend too much time searching for what you need. 

Label Storage Bins

Make your labels or purchase bins with label slots to mark what’s inside. You don’t have to guess what’s inside by labeling the storage bin. Consider color-coding your labels and place like items close together to find items quicker. It would help if you also considered storing your belongings in clear containers so you can see what’s inside. 

Consider Using Cubbies

Store items in cubbies to help declutter your attic. Each item will have its designated spot and make it easier to find items. Items you can store in your cubbies are infrequently used kitchen appliances, mason jars, or any other fragile items. You can install your shelving or purchase cubby shelving. 

When you finish organizing your attic, it’s best to maintain your organization. Keep your items clean and neatly organized to prevent you from needing to reorganize your attic again. Use these five ideas for organizing an attic storage space to keep your attic decluttered and clean.