5 Most Recommended Window Blinds

In recent times, blinds have become more popular than window curtains. People nowadays are open to having blinds because of their modern feel and their multipurpose nature. Whether it is to block sunlight, maintain your privacy, or improve your interior décor, blinds got you. Moreover, they have an easy and straightforward design to them. Simply open them and see the world outside or shut them tight and enjoy the privacy of your home. With the right type of blinds, you have all the comfort and convenience you need.

There are several types of blinds made from different materials. For many decades, aluminum and wood were the primary materials used for blinds, but with advancements in vinyl materials, faux wood is now a popular choice. However, there are different blends for different purposes. Some blinds are good at dimming rooms, while others can darken them completely. There are special blinds made for high humidity places like bathrooms or kitchens, while others exist for large openings such as doors. There also exists blinds in stock sizes, but it is always advisable to go for the custom blinds, which will be specific to your window size.

As you go shopping for local Brisbane blinds, here is a list of the five most recommended window blinds.

1. Venetian Blinds.

Venetian blinds are the old traditional blinds consisting of horizontal slats stacked together connected by cords or strips of fabric. To open or close the blinds, you needed to pull the cables, which would bring the slats together and up, allowing light in or shutting the blinds. However, Venetian blinds have been significantly improved in terms of design and materials. The modern Venetian blinds feature high-end materials and cordless designs. The slats are made from aluminum, wood, or vinyl materials, making the beautiful and long-lasting. They are available in many colors, are easily adjustable, and are the best blinds if you are on a budget.

2. Vertical Blinds.

Just as the name suggests, vertical blinds are a series of vertical slats that are strung together and hang from a track. They either rotate or slide to the side to open and let in light. The old versions were a bit of a hassle for families with pets or children. The blinds would break, or the mechanisms fail because of opening the too wide or in the wrong direction. However, the new and updated vertical blinds are far more durable than the old version. Their slider fabric panels are wider, which makes them less likely to break.

3. Smart Blinds.

What to better complement your tech-savvy home than smart blinds that enhance your interior décor, guard your privacy, and block you from the harsh elements. The world is currently in a digital age, and it is no surprise that blinds feature. Smart blinds are automatic blinds that can be adjusted using a voice command or an app on your phone. You do not need to be at home to adjust these blinds, program them, and they open and close as scheduled. They are the best option if you are looking for privacy and security, but they a tad more expensive than regular blinds.

4. Roman Blinds.

If you are looking for blinds and style blended, then Roman blinds are what you want. These blinds usually are made from fabric and add much style to your home. They come in a variety of shades and designs and typically fold onto themselves when opened. When closed, they do a good job blocking out the sun and add much style to a room. Some of the blinds have a lining to minimize temperature variance, suitable for places with hot summers and cold winters.

5. Roller Blinds.

Roller blinds are perhaps the most improved blinds on this list. They have come a long way from the sheets of plastic that did not roll up when they were needed, to functional, inexpensive, and versatile window coverings. Modern-day roller blinds are available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and designs. Different designs have different light blocking capabilities, and your choice determines everything. The only disadvantage of roller blinds is that they are not adjustable; they are either up or down; there is no middle ground. However, they more than makeup for this with their affordable prices and decorative touch.


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