5 Things to Consider Before Moving to a Different State

Moving to a new home can be a great way to make a change and start fresh somewhere else. Most people are happy to move across town, to a bigger house or apartment, or have decided to swap city life for the countryside, or visa-versa. However, while these moves are exciting, for those who want to make an even bigger change and have a sense of adventure, moving across the country to a different state or abroad is a great option. If you’ve been thinking about putting some distance between where you live now and where you go next, here are five things you need to consider before you make your move.

Where are Good Places to Live?

If you have your eyes set on a state or country you have never been to before, make sure it’s a good place to live first. Even if you have visited on vacation, a couple of weeks wouldn’t have been long enough to determine whether it’s the right place to relocate to for you. In any state, county, or country there are good areas, bad areas, and places that are in-between the two. Make sure you do enough research into this before you move so that you end up in a safe place to live.

House Prices

Some states, cities, counties, etc., are more expensive than others, and things like schools, local stores, restaurants, bars, transport links, etc., will all affect house prices. You will need to think about your requirements, (e.g. if you have kids how good are the schools) and compare prices in different areas to find something in your budget without having to compromise too much on the things you need near your new home.

The Logistics of Moving

You will also need to factor in how much moving cross-country will cost you, as well as the additional organization it will need. It’s always worth getting rid of unwanted belongings before you move to make the packing lighter, but you will still be taking a lot with you to your new home. You will need to find a long distance moving company to help you transport your stuff from one state to another.

Job Opportunities

You should make sure there are plenty of job opportunities in the area you’re moving to, and it would be wise to secure employment before you get there. You need to know you can survive and support yourself financially in your new home, otherwise, your cross-country adventure will quickly turn into a nightmare. 

Make New Friends

If you don’t have any friends or relatives in or near the area you’re moving to, look into local groups that you can join or other opportunities to socialize so you can make friends. There may be some online groups who organize things in the local area or share a similar hobby to you where you can introduce yourself and try to make some connections when you move there.

Moving to a different state or a foreign country can be a very exciting experience, but you must think this move through before you go to give yourself the best chance of living happily there. 

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