5 Things You Should Know about Pennsylvania Casino Sites

Especially now during the lockdowns, there aren’t that many ways to entertain yourself every day. While Pennsylvania has things to see that are outside and reachable, many searches for entertainment online, particularly gambling. But, there are some things you need to know about Pennsylvania casino sites.

There are five things that you must remember when playing, or when searching for sites and platforms to play on:

  1. No gambling under 21
  2. All platforms are developed
  3. Players are under legal protections
  4. Bonuses are bountiful
  5. It is for entertainment

In the true American tradition in which PA prides itself, all of the facts are both rights and obligations in a sort. You will be protected, especially legally, but that means that you will need to pay your due for everything you win.

Additionally, there is the gnawing feeling that the State knows where and where you are gambling. This isn’t true directly, but the operators would be forced to disclose the information if legally pressed by a local court.

But, if you are looking for some fun and want to be certain that you are protected, this is a great place to be. This is the exact reason why the sites have been growing so much, especially last year.

#1 No Underage Gambling 

First and foremost, if you want to gamble, you have to be at least 21 years old. Besides that, you don’t have to be a resident of PA but you do have to be physically located in the state at the time of play. 

This is a tough pill to swallow for a lot of players that are under this line but are already experienced as most places have the line drawn at 18. Here, you can only play the lottery if you are eighteen but playing in a casino is considered underage gambling.

While signing up, you will need to give personal information such as your date of birth, email address, home address, private phone number, and last four digits of your social security number.

By law, your personal information is safe from any third-party malicious entities. But, that also means that it can’t be hidden from the State if needed be.

#2 Fully Developed Apps

Pennsylvania expanded gambling by legalizing online poker, sports betting, casinos, and lottery. 

Although online gambling in PA first started in 2017, it has become a massive hit.

There are multiple online casino apps in Pennsylvania from where customers can choose. They are available 24 hours a day and they offer options such as blackjack, slots, and more.

This is a simple way of ranking, as you can clearly see what sorts of games every platform will offer, as well as the bonuses and advantages provided.

#3 Complete Player Security

With most online gambling websites in the world, a license is a must. Without the license from either Malta or Curacao, it is recommended for players to avoid websites as if they are a straight-up scam. That is not the case in PA.

Because any operator in the State requires to be a local legal entity, your rights as a customer and consumer are protected by the state you are currently physically in. That means that it is impossible to avoid responsibilities as an operator.

This is a breath of fresh air compared to the global online gambling scene where finding out if the operator is legitimate and in good standing is the first thing to do before you even start playing.

#4 Significant Casino Bonus Offers in Pennsylvania 

There are 3 main types of casino bonuses, the direct welcome bonus, the deposit match, and the loyalty program. Compared to something offered on a global scale these may sound small, but we need to remember that they are offered only to almost 13 million Pennsylvanians.

This means that customer loyalty is a great thing with these operators and that unlike global options they focus on keeping you playing again and again.

No-deposit Welcome Bonus

The smart way to attract new players is by giving them a chance to win some money while testing out the casino without actually having to put money on the site. This bonus is a small amount of money (between §10 and §20) but certainly better than nothing. 

You won’t be able to draw this money, but you can make winnings that you can draw, but you will need to register before you do so to prevent non-PA players and minors from playing.

Deposit Match

This is a straightforward benefit of the operator doubling your deposit with the bonus. Similar to the welcome bonus, it is not something you can withdraw but is something you can play with.

And, for those using it for entertainment, this can be a great boon for their budget.

Loyalty Programs

Here is where the real benefits of casino sites in PA are. Depending on the operator, you can get a huge line of merchandise, paraphernalia, bonuses, and even cash prizes if you play with a single operator for a while.

This is why most players in Pennsylvania chose to stick with a single operator regardless if they are having luck there or not.

#5 Playing is for Fun

The State sees gambling as a form of entertainment, which it is and should be. You can’t be guaranteed your winnings and there is no liability from the operators to make you play responsibly.

This means that you will need to ensure this step by yourself first. The operator will use the best practices not to engage in any type of predatory behavior and won’t force you to play in any way. But, you will need to know for yourself if you have the money to spend or not.

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