5 Things You Should Know Before Installing Wallpaper In Your Bathroom

Wallpapers are an easy and creative way to change the whole look of your room without putting in much effort. Since the time it was available in the market, they have been in demand. Wallpapers have leveled up the game in interior designing multifold. There is a good design available for any room and any situation. If you can think of a design and are not sure about the design going well with the theme of your room, then changing the paints can be troublesome, but if you are using wallpapers, you can change these designs at any time at any moment. You can completely transform the whole look of your room. There are hundreds if not thousands of designs available for one particular theme. For instance, if you are looking for wall designing for a kid’s room, then there can be a zillion options available to create something new every day, and you can have the perfect wallpaper for doing that. 

Similarly, bathrooms are also a very important part of any home. This is a place that you can’t skip going to. If the place has much importance, why should the design not be given equal importance. Of course, the wallpaper industry has developed to an extent where you can have wallpapers designed for each and everything that you own or room that you have, but in order to make the bathroom look as eye-pleasing as you thought it should look, you have to take certain precautions and preparations before installing them. Here are mainly five things that will be discussed that you should definitely consider before installing wallpapers in your bathroom.

Tip #1

Wash the walls thoroughly

Whenever you are looking forward to applying wallpaper to any wall, for that matter, you have to make sure that the wall is clean. First, you have to choose the wallpaper for bathrooms and then work on some points that need to be done before applying. The bathroom is the place where most of the cleaning work takes place. It is but natural that there can be some traces of soap or hairs or dirt sticking to the walls. Washing the walls with water would make sure that the dirt and other chemicals that can be a problem for the wallpaper sticking are removed thoroughly. If there is any left towards soap or dirt on the walls, washing it with water would ensure that the wall is free of all the dirt and is a clean canvas to start working with the wallpaper. You should consider washing at once with soap water so that the dirt that is adhered to the walls gets washed off with it. Then you can wash again with plain water to remove any leftover or excess soap on the wall. 

Tip #2

Dry them completely

After the wall is washed and the dirt and Chemicals are removed, allow the wall to dry for some time. A washroom is a place in your house that gets used very often. Hence it is also true that most of the time, it remains wet. But since you are looking forward to changing the look of your bathroom, you have started washing the walls. Try not to use this washroom for some time and leave it to dry. It is important that when you apply the stick and peel wallpapers, the walls are already dry. If you start applying the wallpaper over that wet wall, there can be some issues with proper adherence of the wallpaper. If the walls are not dry enough before applying the wallpaper, then you will see there is a peculiar smell that remains for long enough.

Tip #3

Choose proper lighting

If you are looking to change the look of the bathroom, then it is important that you check the lighting as well. Natural lighting is especially necessary. If you are choosing wallpaper for the bathroom, it should be planned around the lighting, so the bathroom looks very spacious and beautiful.

Tip #4

Make measurements beforehand

Once you start applying the wallpaper, running out of wallpaper can be troublesome. Applying the wallpaper and changing the whole look of the bathroom can be postponed due to the lack of the right amount of wallpaper. To avoid the situation, it is important that measurement of the volcano should be taken beforehand so that you have the right amount of bathroom wallpaper available at all times with you.


Try out samples

Once you start applying the wallpaper, there is no going back. After you start applying the wallpaper, if you feel that it doesn’t look the way you expected it to, it can be a waste of the whole wallpaper. You can buy some sample wallpapers and do a patch test to avoid such a situation. Apply Different patches of wallpaper to see which wallpaper suits your bathroom the best. This way, you can have a clear picture of the best patch that would look good on your bathroom walls, and you would not need to worry about how it looks after applying. 

Last but not least

You should plan everything around changing the wallpaper before actually working on it. This way, you can be ready for anything that comes your way. You will have all the proper tools required, and you will be prepared for the time required to complete the whole project. So when you are ready for everything, sticking the wallpapers to change the look will seem much easier of a job.