5 Upgrades You Want To Install in Your New Home

5 Upgrades You Want To Install in Your New Home

DIY projects are a great way to turn a house into a home. You can make adjustments to improve your quality of living and feel more comfortable in your surroundings. It’s always a good idea to have a checklist of projects you want to get off the ground. Here are five upgrades we think you’ll want to install in your new home.

1. Cool Roofing

Cool roofing is a vastly underrated upgrade that provides a valuable service to your home. The specialized material works to repel and reflect sunlight rather than absorb it, so your home absorbs less heat during those hotter summer months, saving you money on utility bills.

2. USB Outlets

In these modern times, so many of the devices we use daily utilize USB charging cables, from phones and tablets to smart home devices, and more. With so many USB chargers, you may want to take advantage of the benefits of installing USB outlets. Not only does the direct current charge your devices faster, but it also frees up more outlet space from unnecessary adapters.

3. Backyard Patio

Having a comfortable place to relax and unwind at the end of the day is an upgrade you want to install in your new home. Depending on the space of your backyard, building a deck or patio or enhancing the current setup allows you to create a unique environment. A fleshed-out patio is ideal for hosting outside get-togethers or watching the sunrise with a cup of warm coffee.

4. Enhanced Cabinets

Your kitchen is a room where organization is vital, and having a good layout of cabinets and drawers allows you to create a good rhythm of finding what you need when you need it. If your new home already has enough cabinet space for you, we still recommend upgrading the color or handles to fit your personal tastes. However, don’t be afraid to try a new layout to give yourself and your kitchenware enough space.

5. Open Shower

Zero-threshold showers are becoming a common trend in forever homes. Rather than a small stall or standard-size bathtub, these open shower areas provide adequate room, potential seating, and endless customization. Open showers are a longer and more costly project, but nonetheless a good investment for improving something you use daily.

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