5 Ways Smart Car Technology Can Make Your Daily Commute Easier

For many of us, we spend a good portion of the day in our cars. Whether we’re picking up our children from school, going to the grocery store, and of course, driving to work, we’re driving our cars a lot. 

During your daily commute, time matters. When you’re running on a time crunch, every second counts, and one minute can be the deciding factor between you being late to work for the third day in a row. It’s more welcome than not when there’s a chance to make your daily commute smoother.

With new smart technology introduced into cars. There are many ways drivers are finding ways to make the daily commute easier, and their overall driving experience better. The new technology introduced in cars has been designed to make the roads safer and address some of the inconveniences that have plagued drivers for years.

Here are five ways smart car technologies have made the daily commute easier. 

Rear-View Cameras

There’s a lot of time wasted when it comes to backing out of parking spots. Whether you’re worried about hitting a pole, a pedestrian, or worse, a child, you end up adding more time to your commute trying to reverse out of your spot safely. With the introduction of the rear-view camera, drivers have been given a great asset. The rear-view camera offers increased visibility and a better view when your backing out of a parking spot. 

Collision-Avoidance Systems

There are countless stories you’ll hear about people colliding into cars because they didn’t see the driver next to them for whatever reason. While collision avoiding systems aren’t outright new to cars, it’s become more widespread and is being implemented in new ways

One of the more well-known systems is forward-collision avoidance. When your car detects a vehicle in front of you slowing down or stopped, your car will warn you about a potential collision. If you don’t have enough time to stop, your car’s system will automatically apply emergency braking to avoid a collision.

Another helpful tool is blind-spot collision avoidance, which helps drivers avoid hitting cars in their blind spots when their turning signal is on. If a driver tries to turn and another car is in their blind spot, the vehicle will automatically brake

Driver Attention Warning

Drowsy driving is a problem that can affect any driver. You might think a cup of coffee could do the trick, but there’s still a chance you could get into an accident.

With driver attention warning systems, drivers will be alerted when their steering deviates from normal. There are several ways the driver could be alerted. Some common methods include a bell chime, a display message warning, or even a vibration to the driver.

Smart trunk

Ever struggle to get the keys out of your pocket? Or maybe you have so many things in your hands it takes up to five minutes just to get your keys and open the trunk. With the smart trunk, opening a trunk is made easy. You’ll save time and energy, and can ease your mind a little knowing you don’t have to dig around for your keys. 

High-Beam Assist

Nocturnal driving is one of the tougher aspects of driving, and at the end of the day, it can be a hassle to try and switch between your high and low beams. With high-beam assist, your vehicle can recognize an oncoming vehicle’s headlights and automatically adjust accordingly. If you’re someone who frequently drives at night, it can be a useful piece of technology to have.

Driving can be a real hassle, but with new smart car technology, your daily commute doesn’t have to be as stressful. With smart technology, you can drive with a greater sense of safety and overcome some of the more annoying parts of driving.