5 Ways to Make a Birthday Card

Who doesn’t like receiving a birthday card? Birthday celebrations are a special day for most people. The highlight of such events is receiving gifts and cards from your family and friends. If you want to try something different for your friend’s upcoming birthday, consider making a personalized birthday card using any of the following 5 ways. 

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1. Making Birthday Cards in Google Docs

Modern technology has simplified everything. For instance, you can send a birthday card to someone miles away using Google Docs. For this method, open Google slides in your web browser and click on the blank icon to open a blank presentation. Remove the pre-edited title boxes to leave a blank page. 

From the insert icon, insert a text box and position it to the left side of the blank page. Enter your message in the text box and centre is appropriately. Insert another text box and add an image of your choice. Once set, create the card’s cover by opening a new slide.

Delete the slide’s contents and add your chosen cover image. Insert a text box on top of the image and add your cover text. If all the edits are fine, save the card and print it. Like other online techniques, this can be used in making business print birthday cards. 

2. Sending Birthday Cards on Facebook 

Sending birthday cards to your friends from your Facebook profile is very possible, thanks to Facebook’s greeting card application. The app offers not only birthday cards but also holidays, parties, celebrations, and other specific events cards. 

To do this on Facebook, go to your Facebook profile page, type Birthday and Greeting Cards, and select Birthday Greeting cards. From the app section, click “use now” and select from the various thumbnails available onscreen. Select your choice and click “Send this card.” Select your recipients from Facebook and enter a personalized message. 

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3. Making Spray Paint Birthday Cards 

Making your own birthday cards requires some innovation. Making DIY spray paint cards is a good way of expressing this. You can make this using any set of spray cans with Eames white paper, which has some little texture. Fold the paper to two half’s and focus your spray to the bottom of the card. Build up the colors occasionally misting upwards for a good appearance. Wait for the car to dry. 

4. Making Spotted and Dotted DIY Birthday Cards 

Making a card doesn’t have to be complicated. Well, for this method, you can use the simple office supplies to make a fun card with a simple peel and stick technique. Use the thick Astrolite papers for this or any other paper matching its thickness. Create patterns in the folded paper with some space for noting down your wishes. 

5. Making Embossed DIY Cards 

This will be not only exciting to the recipient but also super fun to make. The process is easy and requires some embossing papers such as Astrolite paper, BrightHue Sea blue paper, or the royal fiber kraft paper. Curve your design that reflects your birthday themed message. 

There are countless methods of making birthday gift cards. Try out either of the above-mentioned ways for an exhilarating gift surprise.

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