6 Great Pets if You are Looking for a New Addition

You have finally made the decision to get a new pet, but with so many options out there, you might now be stuck about which one would be the best choice for you. There may be one pet you are leaning towards because of previous ownership, but maybe there are options out there you had not even considered. To make it easier, here are 6 animals which can make fantastic pets. 


Getting a dog is often the number one choice for individuals and families alike. A dog is a popular choice for many reasons, including unconditional love, a fluffy best friend and also an excuse to get outdoors more and have a walking companion. Dogs will always be good pet choices as long as you have the proper means to care for one. Dogs need a good routine, plenty of walks, regular company, stimulation and space to move around. 


Cats can be just as popular a choice as the dog, and many families even have both. Getting a cat is a great choice if you are looking for companionship in the home, but you do not have the time to walk a dog every day. Cats can be a lot more independent, but they still need regular stimulation and attention. They are loving additions to any home. 


Rabbits can be an ideal choice for family pets if you have growing children, as rabbits can help to build care and responsibility through maintenance of their hutch or cage, and through lots of cuddles. Rabbits are friendly additions to the home and great options if you want fluffy company but want something quite low maintenance. Be aware that most rabbits need company so you would normally get two together.  

Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon has fast become a popular exotic pet for many, both with individuals and growing families. Bearded dragons are relaxed and docile creatures, which means they are perfect to be handled by children. This is also a perfect choice if you are a fan of something different and would prefer a lizard to a mainstream furry animal!

While exotic pets are very rewarding companions, be sure to check your nearest veterinary service which caters for exotic pets, such as Colonialblvdanimalhospital.com, because not all vets will treat exotic animals.


Fish are great pets, for many reasons. If you are also a fan of having an impressive tank set up and would not mind maintaining and caring for a tank system as well as your fish, this can be a good project as well as a great pet choice. Fish come in many shapes and sizes, too, which means there is always the right fish for every lifestyle and circumstance. You could opt for a small and manageable goldfish or similar, or you can upgrade your tank and research larger and more colorful types of fish for your home. 


This can be the best choice if you do not have a lot of space and are looking for a small cage set up in your home — especially if you are looking for a pet which can go into a young child’s bedroom. Hamsters are manageable and adorable pets because they are fun to play with but do not need a lot of maintenance. 

Whichever pet you choose, have fun!