6 Local Organizations Students Should Volunteer As Mentors With

Mentoring allows students to share their wisdom and knowledge with those who may be facing struggles in different aspects of their lives. It can be an enriching experience for both the student and the mentee, like prospective student Jackson Bonnen. 

What Is The Difference Between Local And Non-Local Organizations?

Local organizations are usually based within the community, where mentoring can occur and take place. This can be more beneficial for both parties because it allows for a stronger connection between them. It also allows the student to learn more about their community and the people there.

Non-local organizations, however, are not based in the student community. While this can still be a rewarding experience, it may not be as beneficial for both parties involved. The student may not have as strong of a connection with their mentee and miss out on the opportunity to learn more about their community.

Benefits Of Student Volunteering As A Mentor

There are many benefits to student volunteering as a mentor. Some of these benefits include:

Boosts Your College Applications

Students must stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive college admissions landscape, like Jackson Bonnen. Volunteer work and participation can be a great way to do that. Admissions committees will be impressed to see that you’ve taken the initiative to get involved in your community. They’ll be even more impressed if you can talk about the specific ways your volunteering has made a difference.

Helps You Develop New Skills

Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills or develop the ones you already have. For example, if you’re interested in marketing, you might volunteer to help with social media for a local non-profit. Or, if you’re interested in event planning, you could help with a fundraising gala. You will build up your skillset and have something concrete to add to your resume when you start applying for jobs after graduation.

Meet New People and Make Connections

Volunteering is also great for meeting and chatting with new people and making connections. You’ll interact with other volunteers and staff members at your volunteering organization. These connections can come in handy down the road when you’re looking for internships or jobs. And even if they don’t, it’s always good to have a more comprehensive network of people you can rely on.

Local Organizations Students Should Volunteer As Mentors

Here are six local organizations students can volunteer as mentors:

Student-Run Free Clinic 

The Student-Run Free Clinic is a student-run organization that provides free healthcare services to the community. Volunteer mentors would be matched with a mentee interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. The mentor would provide guidance and support to the mentee as they navigate their way through the clinic. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters 

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization that pairs mentors with children from single-parent households. The mentor would provide guidance, support, and friendship to the child. They would also act as a role model for the child. 

Girls On The Run 

Girls on the Run is an organization that helps girls develop self-confidence and build relationships. Mentors would work with a group of girls and help them train for a 5K race. The mentor would also help the girls develop life skills such as teamwork, communication, and conflict resolution. 

Boys And Girls Club 

The Boys and Girls Club is an organization that provides youth development programs for children. Volunteer mentors would be matched with a child and participate in activities such as arts and crafts, sports, and games. The mentor would also provide guidance and support to the child. 

Best Buddies 

Best Buddies is an organization that pairs people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with volunteers. The mentor would provide companionship, support, and friendship to the buddy. They would also help the buddy connect with their community by participating in activities, such as going to the movies, bowling, or sporting events. 

Habitat For Humanity 

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that builds homes for families in need. Volunteer mentors would work alongside a family to help them develop their new home. The mentor would provide guidance and support to the family as they work on their home. 

Final Thoughts

These are just a few organizations where students can volunteer as mentors. Mentoring can be an enriching experience for both the student and the mentee. Contact one of these organizations today if you are interested in volunteering or learning more as a mentor.