6 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Outdoor Furniture

The best time of the year to buy patio furniture is often in the cooler months. Prices tended to be lower, and you can end up getting a good bargain. Picking out good furniture to make your outdoor space involves carefully making wise decisions. Certain mistakes can potentially make the process of getting the right set more difficult. Knowing them will simplify the process for you and make you more likely to be satisfied with your selection. Here are some of the top mistakes you need to avoid whenever you shop for outdoor furniture.

1. Not bringing your tape measure

Perhaps the biggest mistake to avoid is not measuring your space before you start looking at furniture. Eyeballing your deck isn’t a substitute for getting exact measurements. Beyond writing down the dimensions of your space, it’s a great idea to get some painter’s tape and mark out shapes on the floor where you’d like to place your furniture. If you have French doors that lead to your outdoor space, you’ll need to know if the furniture will allow enough room for them to open. You’ll know if a dining table you were considering would fit, or if you’d have to get something smaller. Measurements save you a lot of time not having to make any guesses. You’ll be able to look up the measurements of furniture pieces you’re considering, and choose according to which fits within the range of your space. 

2. Ignoring where you’re located

The climate of where you live can impact the choice of furniture you should select. You need to know how different materials will react to the specific elements your area deals with. Let’s say, for example, that you live by the sea. You’ll have to keep in mind that salty air can be stressful for outdoor furniture. It’s the same case if you live in a colder climate. With these things in mind, be sure to select a furniture option that’s durable enough to withstand the conditions you live in.

3. Focusing too much on colors and designs

There’s nothing wrong with trying to select furniture that really makes your outdoor space stand out. Nonetheless, don’t focus on it more than you focus on the quality of the materials. Not paying attention to quality can lead you to end up wasting your money. If the materials aren’t good enough to handle the elements where you live, you’ll end up having to go back to the store and buy a whole new set of furniture. You may be unsure of what the best options are, but you can always consult with a furniture expert. Inquire about the material that won’t fade in the sun as much. Ask about what’s good at withstanding exposure to moisture for long periods of time. Teak is one example of a material that can withstand moisture for long periods of time. If you like teak, you might be interested in looking at a teak garden bench.

4. Not investing in protection

Remember, while you can find a good deal at certain times of the year, typically, outdoor furniture isn’t cheap. Another way you can avoid having to buy outdoor furniture all over again is to invest in proper protection for it. You’ll have to spend on some covers to place over it during the off-season. Per cover, these will usually cost around $20 to $50. Sometimes, an outdoor set might come with individual zipper cases, though it’s possible they may cost more to get. In addition to covers, it could be a good idea to look into buying or building a container for storing large cushions. They can keep the cushions dry, so they don’t get dirty or attract any mildew. Investing in protection is particularly important if you’re going to be buying your furniture in the cooler seasons. That way, they can still be in good shape when you’re ready to take them out for the spring and summer.

5. Not looking at reviews

If you plan to get your furniture online, it’s definitely important to look for reviews on the product you’re considering. Don’t make the mistake of only basing your decision on which furniture piece has the most number of stars or the highest rating. Instead, take time to read to see what each buyer specifically liked about the product. You can see if any of the buyers write any particular benefits that you’d find appealing. You should also be sure not to ignore the bad reviews as well. The bad reviews will inform you of certain faults or defects to look out for. If there’s a specific problem mentioned that you know you won’t like, it may be best to consider another product instead.

6. Not considering what you plan to use it for

Another major part of selecting outdoor furniture is having an idea of what you’re going to use it for. Are you going to host and entertain large groups often? If so, you’re going to need to purchase enough chairs to accommodate all of the guests you’ll plan on having. You should also consider whether you or your family will be using it often. If you have kids that will be arguing about getting to sit in the most comfortable chair, make sure you get multiple comfortable chairs. If you plan to have meals and enjoy drinks in the area, be sure to have enough tables for people to place their cups down. It’s important to brainstorm what kind of outdoor furniture will best fit your lifestyle and how many people will be enjoying that outdoor space with you.

Shopping for furniture can be a long and tedious task at times. It can become even longer and more costly if you don’t pay attention to what’s important when shopping for it. Keep all of these mistakes in mind whenever you start looking for outdoor furniture. It will give you the best chance of not having to shop for replacements anytime soon.