6 Sweet and Simple Tips for Decluttering Your Home

As the new year begins, you’re probably thinking about the different ways you can improve your life. As you make a list of resolutions you hope to accomplish, you’ll likely fill it with goals such as hitting the gym more and paying attention to relationships more heartily. If keeping your space clean and organized is on your list, we have the tips you need to keep this resolution going past January. We compiled a few of our favorite quick tips for decluttering your home, so you can stay organized no matter what you have going on! Check them out below.

Start Small

There’s something quite intimidating about cleansing a house of clutter. If you’re one of those people who is a bit overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning your space, start small. Start with one shelf at a time, and work from there. The process may take longer, but starting small will ward off anxiety and keep you from speeding through and holding onto things you don’t need.

Schedule a Weekend to Declutter

That said, if you truly do need quick decluttering hacks, your best bet is to schedule a weekend for it. Though all these tips in and of themselves are “quick,” they won’t get rid of all the clutter in your home in ten minutes. When you schedule a decluttering weekend, make sure everyone in the family can be a part of this cleaning extravaganza. This will be especially important if you truly want your space spick and span afterward.

Spend 10 Minutes Every Day

Though a weekend will do the trick, your best bet for decluttering your home is doing a little at a time. Spending five to ten minutes every day and following these tips will get your home clutter-free in no time. Go space by space, room by room, and you’ll find that getting rid of items and focusing on essentials will be much less of a hassle.

Keep a Donation Box Handy

In that same vein, since you’ll spend a bit of time each day to declutter, you’ll want to have donation boxes handy in each room. Donations are the key to a successful decluttering session, as it will clear your space and provide items for others in need. You should put anything in a like-new condition into this box. Once you go through your home, schedule a donation pick-up to support a charity of your choice.

Fill a Trash Bag

Following right along, you should throw out those items you can’t donate and no longer have a place in your home—whether broken, old, or torn. A great tip for decluttering is simply to fill up a trash bag. If you spend 10 minutes a day decluttering, you should have at least one trash bag full of garbage by the end of the week. If you have more than a few trash bags, consider getting a dumpster rental in Pittsburgh. You can get one for up to two weeks and give you plenty of time to declutter.

Make a Place for Everything

For those items that aren’t in the donation or trash, and you decided they’re important enough to keep, you want to ensure they have a place. One of the biggest causes of clutter in homes is the fact that many items don’t have a space of their own. Without folders, papers end up all over the place. Without drawer organizers, we find silverware scattered about. Keep from creating clutter by ensuring that every item in your home has a specific place. Soon you’ll be on your way to a clutter-free home!