6 Ways to Boost Your Immunity During COVID-19

By Geeta Chopra

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Fermented Food! 

Don’t underestimate the importance of fermented food to ward of any disease, and completely heal your gut.  I wrote an article last year on all disease begins in your gut.  If you don’t have a gut populated with healthy bacteria and microbes, then you will be more susceptible to viruses and bacteria of all sorts.  Most people don’t realize that this also refers to viruses that aren’t related to the stomach.  For example, fermented food doesn’t just protect against food poisoning, yeasts, and parasites, they protect against the common cold, the flu, strep throat, and most certainly Covid-19.   A study done shows that one tablespoon of fermented food has more probiotics than an entire bottle of 100 pills of 25 million colony forming units.  Your gut is your front line defense against invaders, and this is worth repeating here.  The western world is not particularly focused on the concept of healing your gut to heal your life – it is more common in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.  Stocking your gut with living fermented food can cure every disease you will ever have, and remove viruses from your life permanently.  You can go to YouTube to get a recipe on the procedure.  It typically takes 14 days for the fermentation process to complete in glass jars.  Insure your gut with probiotics to ward off any viruses this winter.  Chew on fermented carrots with your afternoon snack, add sauerkraut to your chicken dinner, and fermented pickles with your grilled cheese sandwich.

Vitamin C & Zinc

These two herbs, especially when used in conjunction, work to make you immune to viruses. Zinc is an immune booster, and vitamin C is the best protector against airborne viruses. It is also advisable to load up on garlic and cloves, as they are both natural antibiotics.

Deep Breathing Techniques

I do workshops on this quarterly.  North Americans are famous for taking shallow breathes all day.  Our cells are oxygen starved.  Scientifically, deep breathing has proved to provide red blood cells with much needed oxygen in order to replicate and replace themselves.  Your blood is the foundation for providing nutrients to the organs.  Without blood, you die; it’s simple.  Unfortunately, many of us are walking around dead.  Our blood is stale, stagnant, or not moving.  Further to this, it is not nutrient rich.  Deep breathing cures asthma, and is suggested to assist with:

-Chronic Pain
-Manage Weight Gain
-Joint Pain
-Detox Liver Load
-Flush out Diabetes
-Lower High Blood Pressure
-Stop Anxiety
-Lower Stress Levels 
-Address Memory Loss
-Balance Coordination
-Improve Stamina and Workout Time
-Combat Fatigue

8 hours of Sleep

When you sleep, your body repairs itself.  Your liver flushes out toxins, and gallbladders resets as your rest.  Your body sends all the toxins to your colon during the night, this is why in the morning you have to relieve yourself.  Your cells also replace themselves as you put your brain to rest.

Replacing processed foods with fiber (psyllium husk)

The importance of fiber cannot be underestimated here.  In your small intestine, particles of sugar, carbohydrates, and undigested food get lodged in.  Taking a fiber supplement if you are not getting enough fiber, is essential.  Fiber lowers cholesterol because it takes out the stale and thicker bile from your blood, thereby signaling the liver to make new bile.  New bile absorbs food, emulsifies fats, removes bacteria from the colon, filters the body of toxins overall.

Twenty minutes of any exercise daily

Movement is the best medicine. Any type of exercise counts, and some great choices are yoga, tai chi, cardio, jogging, jump rope, stretching, sit ups, push-ups, etc. Choose the one that your body connects with the best.  You cannot maintain good immunity if you aren’t using exercise to boost your circulation.  The human body wasn’t made to be idle.

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