7 Clear Signs of a Borderline Alcoholic


Did you know around one out of eight Americans struggle with an alcohol disorder? Unfortunately, many of them aren’t aware of how bad their addiction is and may require treatment.

Are you wondering if you’re a borderline alcoholic? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over signs of alcoholism.

1. Memory Loss and Blackouts

Do you drink so much that you can’t remember what happened? Common symptoms of alcohol abuse include short-term memory loss or temporary blackouts.

If you notice this happening a lot, ask yourself why you drink so much. Are you trying to cope with something?

2. Distancing Yourself From Family and Friends

Other warning signs include starting to drink instead of hanging out with friends. Have you begun to distance yourself from close family members or friends? Take note if your drinking has caused problems in your relationships.

If you notice any signs like these, make sure you call a professional to get help. This can help prevent any further damage or issues.

3. Hiding Your Drinking

Do you drink alone and keep it a secret? Many people deny they have a problem with alcohol.

Alcoholics and problem drinkers will lie about how much they drink. When you lie about an issue like this, it’s harder to accept you have a problem. This is a sign you’re struggling and not coping well.

4. Do You Drink to Feel Better?

Most people who struggle with drinking use alcohol to help ease their emotions. Some people drink to deal with anxiety, depression, or stress. Yet, the relief is temporary and can make your condition worse.

If you turn to a drink after a stressful day or so you can relax, this is a sign you’re drinking for the wrong reasons. Reach out for help before it becomes a bigger problem.

5. Can You Stop Once You’ve Started?

When you’re drinking, do you need to finish the entire bottle of wine or case of beer? If you can’t stop after one or two, this is a sign you aren’t in control of your drinking and have an issue.

6. Skirting Work or Household Responsibilities

Are you having problems at home or work due to your excessive drinking? Do you find yourself not finishing your work tasks? If so, alcohol isn’t an occasional indulgence but has started to impact your daily life. 

7. You Can Drink More

Another sign of an issue with alcoholism is if you’ve developed a tolerance. Can you drink more than before? Do you find yourself drinking larger amounts so you can get drunk?

Your body has become exposed enough to alcohol that it’s developed a tolerance.

If you’re struggling with some of these symptoms, call an addictions professional. Learn the answer to the question, “How long does alcohol withdrawal last?” and others to determine your level of dependence on alcohol.

Now You Know the Signs of a Borderline Alcoholic

We hope you found this guide on alcoholism helpful. Now that you know the signs of a borderline alcoholic call a professional for help.

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