7 Great Tips To Get More Organized With Meal Prep

There is only one way to stay on track with your healthy diet and that is meal preparation. Meal prep makes it hard to slip off your healthy eating habits, as it prevents you from picking up just any food.

You can shop and cook for the week in one day, to avoid the hassle that comes with everyday preparation and cooking of different meals of the day. Likewise, you can order in healthy meals from any reputable meal prep and delivery service. If you are in Toronto, Canada, you can opt for Activeats food delivery service. It is one of the best and most reliable in the city.

Nonetheless, you still need to be well organized with your meal prep for healthy living. Here are seven great tips to help you out with meal prep.

1. Make a Meal Plan

The first thing is to work out your weekly meal plan. These are meals, you would love to eat during the week. So check your freezer, fridge, and pantry for whatever is there and make a shopping list of the rest of the food items you will need.

2. Chop, Chop, and Chop 

After you have shopped for your fresh produce, do not just store them away for later use. Chop some vegetables and fruits and store them in plastic tubs in your refrigerator. This makes it easier to prepare a meal when you want to, as you will just grab your pre-chopped vegetables and start cooking. This can save you loads of wash and cut time.

Same for fruits, you just grab and blend, no wasting time with washing and cutting. Some food products like minced meat, you can divide into basic family portions and freeze away for later.

3. Make a Few Meals 

You can opt to make a few meals for the week, to save you some daily cooking time and clean up. It can be tiring to prepare and cook every single meal, each day of the week, so why not prepare some and freeze or refrigerate for later. 

4. Cook Some Healthy Nutritious Protein

You can slow cook some pork, beef or chicken or roast it and shred it all up for use in your lunch salads or sandwiches. You can freeze them up in portions that are easy to just grab and eat with your salad or some leftover vegetables.

This can save you from cooking meat every time you want to have it. You can also make and store a Mason jar salad, making the whole process easier, as you will just grab, grab and grab no preparations for the meat or salad.

5. Prepare Your Weekly Snacks

It is very easy to snack into anything if you are hungry and have no time to prepare a healthy snack. Therefore, having healthy snacks around in your freezer or fridge can make living a healthy life easier. Besides, you never have to think or stress on what you are going to accompany with your morning or evening tea. 

Just ensure that you portion your snacks, this way you control your eating, in terms of portion or size, storing them in one tin can make it harder to stop eating. 

6. Cook and Freeze Your Grains

You can pre-cook your rice or quinoa and divide it up in family size portions or into a single serve to eat later. You can make a double or triple batch, especially if you enjoy having them with your salad or as a side dish.

You can freeze them when they are cooled and when you want to eat just defrost in the microwave and then reheat until it steams.

7. Get Started on Breakfast

Instead of skipping on breakfast, as most people do, just pre-cook it and store away. This makes it easier for you to get most of the morning time for other things like your weekly morning exercise. You can also sleep in a bit longer, as you know everything you need for the morning is pre-cooked. 


As you can see meal prep is the bomb. It can make eating every meal plus snack time bliss. It is less stressful and can save you a ton of time, during the week. 

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