7 Healthy Fruits That Are Good For Diabetic Foot Patients- in 2022


Every passing 30 seconds a leg is amputated due to diabetic foot! Did you know that? This means another leg will be amputated until you finish this paragraph.

Diabetic food is sometimes overwhelming in some patients. 

During such kind of situation, a diabetic patient will regularly visit their doctor for proper treatment, appointments, and medicine since this fight is for their lives. 

If you do this while you are suffering from diabetic foot, then you have taken a huge step to recovery. However, you are forgetting something called nutrition! 

Nutrition is a really important part of your recovery, it doesn’t only helps you quicker, but it helps you prevent future foot problems too! 

Fruits are a great source of nutrition, so if you have decided to add some tasty fruits to your meals, it’s time to know which are the best ones for your diabetic foot. 

Here are the 7 best fruits for diabetic foot patients!


Pomegranate is a red, tasty, and juicy fruit that almost every person in this world loves! 

It’s because pomegranate has many benefits on our health, but its goodness doesn’t stop here since for diabetics it can be a really useful fruit.  

In diabetes, your insulin levels are reduced which causes increased levels of glucose and sugars that later on lead to blood circulation problems! 

However, pomegranate is rich in antioxidants which promote blood circulation and increase insulin in the body, which makes it a perfect fruit for diabetics.  

However, its diabetes benefits don’t stop here! The increased insulin produced by pomegranate strengthens your nerves and prevents conditions like peripheral nerve damage which causes diabetic foot ulcers.  


Berries are sweet, small, and sweet fruits that are usually eaten in deserts and parfaits but now you don’t have excuses to eat them since berries are another fruit good for the diabetic foot. 

Whether it’s strawberry, blueberry, or cranberry, you are allowed to eat all of them for the sake of your health. 

All kinds of berries are rich in fiber and antioxidants! And you already know how good they are for your diabetes and diabetic foot both. 

You can drink their juice, take them with deserts and all your three meals as well. 

Citrus fruits

According to ADA (American Diabetes Association), all kinds of citrus fruits are diabetes superfoods! 

Lemons, oranges, and grapefruits, all members of the citrus family include a high amount of Vitamin C which is useful in reducing lipids and blood glucose levels. 

One medium orange has 70 milligrams of vitamin C or 78 percent of the daily value (55). Oranges are commonly consumed and provide a significant amount of vitamin C. Citrus fruits, in general, may assist you in meeting your vitamin C needs. 

Lastly, if you are suffering from nerve damage or a diabetic foot ulcer, the vitamin C of the citrus family will help you regenerate quickly and prevent upcoming complications.  


Nuts are another fruit that’s called a superfood for diabetes by ADA, which means it’s time to add some of them to your list!  

Nuts can be a healthy snack for those with type 2 diabetes since they can help avoid heart disease, control blood sugar, and even help with weight loss. Nuts are hard to beat when it comes to a tasty diabetes-friendly snack. 

An ounce of nuts can provide important healthy fats while also aiding with appetite management. They also contain magnesium and fiber. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in walnuts and flax seeds, among other nuts and seeds. 

If you are looking forward to consuming nuts soon, then you should choose: 

  • Almonds 
  • Walnuts 
  • Peanuts 
  • Cashew 
  • Pistachios 


Many say an apple a day keeps doctors away because of its benefit to our health and disease-fighting abilities, but did you know that an apple daily can keep your diabetic complications away too? 

Apples are rich in nutrients, such as fiber and a little amount of vitamin C, which should be enough for one day.

 They are indeed sweet and there are risks of increasing blood sugar and insulin but if you take only one apple daily you won’t face this, instead, you will have better results of your diabetic foot recovery. 

Additionally, it has been found that apples can decrease the chances of diabetes, so those with a risk of diabetes should start eating apples every day. 


In summer, watermelon is the best fruit you can get since it’s sweet, cold, and 92% water, which makes it an ideal fruit for summer lovers. 

A little quantity of fresh-cut watermelons or a glass of fruit juice can help people with type 2 diabetes in a variety of ways. 

Despite having a high glycemic index of 72, watermelons have a low glycemic load of 2 per 100-gram serving. It is also low in carbohydrates and calories, thus it does not contribute to the accumulation of excess fat in bodily tissues.  

This aids diabetics in maintaining a healthy body weight, which is critical for enhancing their overall quality of life. 

Lastly, it has been also found that watermelon prevents cell death which is good news for those suffering from foot ulcers.


Pears are a good amount of fiber, so they’re a good addition to your diabetes meal plan. Plus, unlike other fruits, their texture and flavor increase after they’ve been picked. 

Allow your pears to ripen at room temperature until they’re ready to eat, after that, they can be stored in the refrigerator. 

Also, you don’t have to worry about your blood glucose-raising as pears have a low glycemic index.

Also remember, these foots are good for your health but it is also very important to visit a Podiatrist if you have any Foot problem in such conditions.

For that, you can check bvfootclinic.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a diabetic foot or normal diabetes, the fruits are given above will solve your health problems and provide you with a better quality of life. 

They provide better blood circulation, insulin control, don’t raise your blood sugar, and promote fast recovery which is everything a diabetic patient needs! 

So, make sure to start taking these fruits from your next meal.

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