7 Ideas On How To Improve Sales In Your Restaurant


A restaurant like any other business aims to make a profit. This has been hard especially during this ongoing pandemic, the restrictions that have been imposed have greatly affected the hospitality industry. Hotels and restaurants have closed down. The ones that are still operating get reduced profits because of the social distance policy.

The introduction of the various Covid-19 vaccines has led to ease of the restrictions imposed and hope that this horror story is soon coming to an end. This is a relief for restaurants as they hope to return to business as usual. This article is a guide on how to improve sales in your restaurant and get back on your feet after the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Quality Service.

quality service

Offering quality service in your restaurant is the most efficient way of increasing sales. You will retain the customers you already have, they will keep coming back for a taste of the good food. The loyal customers will help you get more customers through referrals and the sales keep multiplying.

Hire skilled staff, ensure that your chefs are certified by a known culinary school. The waiters should be professional and give the best service to customers. This will lead to a significant increase in the restaurant’s sales.

Host Events

themed events

Hosting parties and themed events are also guaranteed to draw more customers to your establishment. A bohemian, black and white or any other theme is sure to attract customers. Hire a professional events planner to help transform your establishment according to your liking.

Mount a huge LED display screen near the entrance of your establishment. The led display should showcase the event, dressing code if there are any, the foods offered, and their prices. Post the event on your business pages on all social media platforms to ensure the attendance of many people.

Quality Delivery Services

food delivery van

The emergence of the Covid-19 virus meant that restaurants could not maximize profits from offering only conventional services. Restaurants have had to branch to takeouts and online ordering due to social distancing. Set up a website for your restaurant where customers can place their orders.

Then partner with a reliable delivery service to enable you to get the orders to the customers in time and efficiently. This will also require you to package the food, there are many eco-friendly packaging ideas to choose from. Drive-thru services can also come in handy for customers who are in a rush.

Efficient Marketing Strategies

marketing strategy

Efficient marketing strategies are guaranteed to attract more customers. In this digital era, there are a lot of ways through which you can advertise your establishment. Design attractive posters on the establishment including the foods offered, the location. Your establishment will also get exposure through word of mouth.

There are millions of people active on social media making it the largest market pool. Start a business page for your restaurant on Facebook, your restaurant should also have accounts on all social media platforms. The accounts are a way to give relevant information about your restaurant to potential customers.


waiter serving a client

Upselling is guaranteed to increase the sales in a restaurant. Your staff, especially the waiters, should be professional. Upselling requires the waiter to establish a rapport with the customer. Thus the waiters should be communicative and easy-going.

The waiter while serving a customer should offer him/her alternatives for the meal or accompaniments. It also involves trying to get the customers to buy more expensive food. Sales will increase because the customer ends up spending more than he/she had planned on.


restaurant receipt

Overpricing your menu will result in a decrease rather than an increase in sales in the restaurant. Set reasonable prices that will not dent the pockets of your customers and you will keep a steady stream of customers flowing through your establishment’s doors.

When setting the menu price there are several factors to consider, including the location of the establishment and Consumer protection regulations. If your establishment is in an area full of students, set low prices. In posh areas set relatively high prices as the clientele is likely to afford it.

Financial Reviews

financial audits

Regular audits or financial reviews of the restaurant will help in increasing sales. Review the expenses and profits, profits should be substantially higher for the business to run well. Identify the sources of the expenses for example the foods that require high expenditure but are not favored by customers should be removed from the menu.

You will also find a way to reduce expenses by using energy-efficient kitchen equipment like freezers. Regular audits will also help you plan the restaurant finances better.


The best way of improving sales is by offering exemplary services. Ensure the establishment provides comfort for all types of clientele. Go the extra mile and install air conditioners and air purifiers for the comfort of your clientele. Do this together with the other ideas discussed and your restaurant is guaranteed to have an ever-increasing stream of customers coming through its doors.