7 Muscle Relaxers Medicine You Should Never Mix With Alcohol

People often get influenced when they mingle with different types of people. Well, some grow the habit of drinking alcohol and slowly they get addicted. They forget about their health and this is when they suffer the most. For minor relief, people turn to alcohol. However, taking muscle relaxants at the same time is not advisable and it has some adverse effects. You should first get the facts about alcohol. There are couple of Muscle Relaxers which should not be taken or mixed with alcohol. 

  • Carisoprodol (Prosoma) It is used for treating muscle pain and it acts generally as a skeletal muscle relaxant. This helps to induce sleep in a great deal. When taken in, this drug blocks the pain sensations transmitted between the brain and the nervous systems. This is also used in physical therapy. It should never be used or mixed with alcohol. It can lead to confusion and impaired motor control.
  • Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) It is a muscle relaxer. It works by blocking the feelings from the muscles to the brain. It is consumed in the form of tablets. If consumed with alcohol, it can lead to impair reactions. The reaction speed may be reduced and there can be major consequences if taken with alcohol. 
  • Methocarbamol (Robaxin) It helps to ease muscle spasms, which can help to speed up the recovery process after the injury time. But the effects can get worsened when taken along with alcohol. It can lead to serious overdose and there might be a huge disorder in the body system. There can be facial swelling accompanied by chest pain.
  • Baclofen (Baclosan) It is a skeletal muscle relaxant and is used for multiple sclerosis and spinal cord treatment. It helps your body to come out of spasm, tightness and other muscle or tendon related problems. If taken with alcohol, you would be subjected to horrible consequences. There would be malfunctioning of the movement. The immune system will be disrupted and will feel like tearing your spinal cords.
  • Tizanidine (Zanaflex)- This muscle relaxant is normally used to treat muscle tightness and cramps. You better don’t take the risk of consuming it along with alcohol as you might be suffering from constipation, numbness. Vomiting will make you weak and diarrhea will worsen the condition of the body even more. It might increase blood pressure of the body and you might be having difficulties in breathing. Often people suffer from hallucinations as well.
  • Metaxalone (Skelaxin)- This drug helps in combating short term muscle spasms.  There are certain disadvantages of this drug. You might be a victim of the dizziness and suffer from regular headaches. Don’t ever try to take it with alcohol as it can lead to some serious health effects like nausea.
  • Pregabalin (Pregarica) – This drug should not be taken in huge doses. Else you might have to be ready to f ace some hard consequences like bleeding of gastrointestinal. This will be accompanied by drowsiness and dizziness. Do whatever you want but never mix with the alcohol.