7 Reasons to Consider a Career in HR

Human resources play an important role in any company. It handles employee records, complaints, payroll, recruitment, and more. It’s a department full of responsibility, and in turn, requires responsible, capable hands. That role might be perfect for you. If you are considering a career change, or you’re just starting your career journey, here are seven reasons you should go into HR. 

1: The Pay is High 

Many HR careers offer a lucrative salary. The average yearly salary for an HR manager is around $107K – significantly higher than the average. Plus, the higher you advance within the HR department, the more you will earn. If you want to learn the skills to be an HR manager, look at a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources degree online

2: It’s a People-Focused Position 

If you enjoy spending your workday surrounded by people, then a job in HR will allow for that. It’s in the name, after all – human resources. You’ll be giving advice, guidance, and news to different employees throughout the working day. 

3: It is Well Respected 

When working in HR, you will be more than happy to tell people about your career path. It’s a well-respected career, after all, and most people have benefited from the HR department in their own careers. 

4: It is Ever-Changing 

Human relations changes year by year. There are always new procedures to ensure staff members are well looked after, which means you will never feel bored within the role. There’s always so much to learn, even after you’ve been working there for many years. So you’ll always be able to put yourself forward for training and further courses. 

5: The Skills are Transferable 

Some of the skills you need for working in HR include emotional intelligence, communication, writing, interpersonal, and time management. Every one of these skills is transferable and will help you in other types of careers as well as your personal life. Whenever you choose a career, it’s important to consider what skills you will learn, as they might help you out in other areas of your life. 

6: HR is Here to Stay 

Many people worry that their jobs will eventually be taken over by tech, in particular AI. It isn’t an unfounded concern – many previously sought-out careers now aren’t as needed anymore. The good news is that this does not affect HR as much. While AI can perform tasks like payroll, HR requires that human touch when it comes to decision-making. Tech can’t solve conflicts in the same way that a human being can, after all. 

7: You Get to Help People 

For people who want a career that makes a positive impact, then HR is perfect. Each day, you will be working toward improving the work lives of each employee. That might involve conflict resolution, solving payroll issues, or ensuring recruitment is diverse enough. It’s a challenging but essential job and one that anyone can be proud of. 

For someone who is smart, emotionally strong, and holds good ethics, HR is one of the best career fields out there.

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