7 Things to Do When Visiting Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a strange place when you think about it. It is a state filled with historic monuments and landmarks, but also a wild place with a lot of picturesque natural spots. There are millions of places to be in the state, but some things to do when visiting Pennsylvania are just a must.

Any good tour, especially if you want to make it rounded, should have three things:

  1. Nature
  2. History
  3. People

And the picks we have selected for you have all three of them.

Finally, the best thing is, all of the options are ‘rona friendly and you don’t need to check if the place is working, as it is open to the public. Or, as is our first choice, it is the public.

The Breath of Old America

The reason why this state has such a good name is that it was not named by settlers running from hardship, but rather by a well-read rich boy who got it as a gift because of who his father was.

Penn’s Sylvania, or Penn’s Woodlands, was named by William Penn who got this region as a gift from King Charles II. There is a question of how Charles could have given something that is not his, but that is beside the point.

The keystone state has been under the influence of early European settlers and has a long Quaker tradition. But, if you are to go westward, there are still ranges that hold the sights and smells of the continent before any Englishmen ever set foot on it.

That mixture makes everything more interesting. And the state is all about diversity and mixture, of everything and everyone. From the traditional to the ultra-modern, you can find anything you want.

#1 Eat a Cheese Steak

If you are going to the state there is little point missing Philly. Philadelphia is the largest city in the state and many foreigners often mistake it for its capital over Harrisburg.

And, when in Philadelphia, you need to try the Philly Cheese Steak. The finely sliced meat mixed with cheese and spiced to perfection over a warm bun is exactly what everyone needs.

If you have concerns about your diet don’t miss the dish. Rather, simply do #3 from our list several times.

#2 Ring a Bell near the Liberty Bell

Although it is unsure if the Liberty Bell was actually used to sound the start of the independence struggle in the 13 colonies, it is definitely a symbol of that moment.

In many ways, this is an all-American symbol encompassing many of the ideals we strive for as a people. Not all of them are present with everyone, but everyone can appreciate the historical masterpiece such as the liberty bell.

#3 Run Up the Stairs

It’s the eye of the tiger; it’s the thrill of the fight!

The 72 stone steps leading to the Philadelphia Museum of Art are used regularly by those who wish to enter the building made in the Neo-Roman style. And, while the museum is historical by itself, the stairs have been made famous by the movie Rocky.

Especially now when many institutions are closed to the building you can enjoy recreating the scene from the movie yourself by quickly running up the stairs.

#4 Stroll through the Magic Garden

This fascinating piece of the modern art-brute experience is something everyone visiting Philly should experience. At first glance, it looks like a passage of shiny crystals forming pathways and arches. But, it is all recycled material and the goal is awareness as much as beauty.

In the times when you can’t enter normal buildings, this can be a great place to relax.

#5 Refresh at the Ricketts Glen State Park

Such a picturesque place is hard to find anywhere in the world. And, unlike many other places, the state park has been a secure nature area before it could be spoiled by people.

For hikers, trackers, and nature lovers in general the Ricketts is a must-see location. And, even if you aren’t drawn towards nature as a rule you will enjoy the stunning waterfalls and creeks full of pristine water.

#6 Meditate at the Shofuso

The Shofuso is a 17th-century Japanese house, opened in the 20th century for the public.

Even when the inside of the house is closed, the surrounding park is magnificent and surrounded by memorial centers, museums, and monuments. The subtle mixture of natural and human-made makes this park the ideal place to meditate.

For those using techniques, there are several places where you can concentrate. But, even if you are a novice a simple stroll with your thoughts will leave you refreshed and energized.

#7 Enter Penn’s Cave

More than a hundred years ago this cave was even used as a hotel. Now, it is just a mesmerizing sight to behold.

You will enter the cave by boat and see the large openings in the mountain that are filled with stalactites and other cave jewels that flicker as the light reflects over them. 

Combined with the park and farm, it really makes for a unique experience that must be seen when visiting Pennsylvania.

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