7 Thoughtful Gifts for Action Movie Obsessives

Most of us know so many people that love action movies. You always have that one friend or family member who is all about the Marvel Universe, the DC Universe, James Bond or the Ocean’s movies. It is often hard to find the right gifts for action movie buffs. 

People that are obsessed with action films usually shop or crave things that are somehow related to the movies they love. Also, they are attached to the movies enough that whatever relative gift you give them has to be good quality and make sense for them to really appreciate it. 

You may think of mugs, t-shirts, caps or other outfits, but sometimes you need to think out of the box to really impress an action film lover. 

To help you find innovative gifts for your brother, dad, sister, friend or loved one, below is a list of seven thoughtful gifts for action movie obsessives that they will love. 

1. Framed Movie Posters

For some of the young action movie lovers, or perhaps even older ones that are really into them, you can gift them framed movie posters of their favorite films. A framed movie poster is a great way to kill two birds with one stone as it is technically also a gift for the home. 

If you really want to impress the action movie buffs in your life, you can gift them a few so they can dedicate a wall to some of their favorite films. The posters would also act as a proof of how much you know your friend or family member that’s receving them, and they will definitely be impressed. 

If you like this idea and are looking for high-quality movie posters, you can easily find movie posters for Rocky, Scarface, Batman, Shawshank Redemption, and many oscar nominated films

2. Movie Based Trivia Games

Movie buffs often want to test out their knowledge regarding all the movies they love. Whether your friend likes Star Wars, Star Trek, Expendables or Fast and furious, there are various trivia games available out there. 

Action movie trivia games can definitely be a fun source of entertainment for someones home. Since these games are usually not that expensive, this could also be an add-on to another gift you are giving your action movie fanatic friend. 

3. Collection of Movies to Rewatch or Explore

We live in a world that is constantly streaming content but movie buffs often like to collect good films through having DVDs or just movie files on their computer. 

There are multiple ways to do this but you can definitely gift your friend movies they love or action movies you think they will like even if they haven’t already watched them. What better than adding to their collection of action-packed movies? 

If you need help finding classic and new action movies to gift, you can always check out resources that provide information on great films within the genre along with where you can stream or buy them. 

4. Sony Sound Bar

For a movie buff, and particularly an action movie lover, there is no such thing as watching a film without surround sound. All of that exciting action, needs the perfect sound system to flow with it. 

The Sony Sound Bar system has amazing subwoofers that can make a movie watching experience come alive. It is incredible that without taking up much space in a home, this single unit speaker can deliver high-quality sound that provides an immersive experience. 

Due to its irreplaceable experience and rave reviews, the Sony Sound Bar was recognized by GiftWits in an article titled – The Coolest 25 Tech Gifts Money Can Buy. 

Your action movie obsessive friends will definitely love this item. 

5. Movie Based Video Games

You will find that most action movie lovers would like to enjoy an action-packed experience through gaming as well. Action movie based video games can make for a great gift, especially for a movie-lover that is into gaming. 

You can make a list of your friend’s favorite action movies and look for games of those movies whether they are on a PlayStation or PC. If you want to put more thought into the game then picking an open-world game would be ideal so they can really have a great experience with free movement within the game. They can call all the shots and have the most entertaining action driven experience by being their favorite character from their favorite movie through the game. 

Even if you do not find games from their favorite movies, they will definitely enjoy a great open-world and action-focused game. 

6. EasyPop Popcorn Maker

Movie lovers, be it action movie buffs or any movie watchers in general, love their popcorn. It is also a great way to entertain other guests too. Popcorn is a go-to with any movie pretty much worldwide. 

While we all indulge in the standard microwave popcorn, a quality popcorn maker can make all the difference. The EasyPop Popcorn Maker is particularly popular due to it being machine-washable, which makes it a great light edition to any kitchen. It was listed as one of the best gifts for movie lovers by Wired Magazine. 

7. Projector

Now you must be thinking this could be expensive, but you will be surprised by the amount of projectors and mini-projectors there are in the market. With growing competition, the prices of projectors have dropped. 

A Projector can take your action-movie obsessed friend’s watching experience to another level. You could also throw in a sound bar like the one mentioned earlier in this article to couple up with the projector. 

Projectors are among the top 35 products that any movie lover would appreciate, so feel free to bring the cinemas home for your friend. 

Hopefully, all of these gift ideas give you enough to think about when you are considering picking up a gift for your action movie obsessed friends or family members. Getting movie lovers excited can be quite a challenge but these gifts will definitely leave them impressed. 

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