8 Best Venues for Your Bucks Party

Your mate is getting married! The last hurrah. The most ridiculous blow out bash of his entire life. Time to plan the bucks weekend that he’s always dreamed of OR a bucks do so epic he would never dream of it at all. Get together, get away, and leave your lives and responsibilities behind for the ultimate weekend of drinking, debauchery, and unforgettable memories. Follow our recommendations for making the ultimate bucks party and watch your status as the groomʼs best men catapult to legendary status. We have a list of incredible locations to host your bucks party that your crew will be talking about forever. When you want a bucks party gold coast style, think My Ultimate Bucks!

Les Bubbles

Meat. Delicious, perfectly cooked meat. Les Bubbles has ONE thing on the menu- steak frites and it’s spectacular. Oh, and the Bath House area of Les Bubbles is the spot that once housed the location of an illegal casino and brothel. Enough said.


Sharp things and throwing sharp things wildly- with a competitive element. Show off your axe throwing skills at Maniax, the first urban axe throwing venue in Australia. Hit the bullseye, beat your mates, and get the bragging rights. After all, you never know when you’re going to need axe throwing skills during the zombie apocalypse. Axes are sharp so just save the drinks for after, okay?

Skydive Ramblers

Skydiving is the perfect activity for a mate who is into adrenaline rushes and heart-pounding thrills. Imagine the thought of jumping out of a plane thousands of feet in the air surrounded by your squad. Don’t worry- “tandem” jumps means you’ll jump with an experienced diver so you can enjoy the views while your instructor handles all the rest. Ramblers offers skydiving training classes as well. That’s what we call legendary!

Treasury Brisbane

Put on your suits and make the groom feel like a high roller at this luxurious casino hotel. The Treasury casino is spread out over three gaming floors each offering different games to play. Try your hands at poker or blackjack then continue the party in one of Treasury’s many bars and restaurants. The casino is open 24 hours, 7 days a week so the party can go all night long!

Newstead Brewing

If the man of the hour is a beer fan, look no further than Newstead Brewery. At their Milton location, you can watch the brewers at work through the window. The menu has burgers, pizzas, and wings on top of a wide range of brews 100% made in Brisbane.

Archery Warfare

Archery warfare offers combat archery which is a team-based sport that offers a competitive experience. It is similar to dodgeball except with bows and arrows and a hell of a lot cooler than paintball. The ultimate objective is to eliminate the other team by tagging them with arrows but make sure the groom’s team wins!

The Gresham Bar

The Gresham offers a menu of whiskies, rums, and other spirits that rivals a book. The large selection is sure to have choices that will satisfy everyone in your group. The dark atmosphere is reminiscent of a gentleman’s club. It is the ideal setting for the beginning or end of an epic night out with the boys.


Topgolf is our top choice for a golf-centric bucks party. What sets Topgolf apart from other driving ranges is the atmosphere. There’s music playing, an array of food to eat, and a quirky light show illuminating the range at night. It’s a perfect option if the groom is really into golf or a big fan of whacking things.

The party planners at My Ultimate Bucks want you to have the ultimate good time. No matter what form it takes, this bucks party should be unforgettable. Our professionals are passionate about helping you realize the special bucks event that your mate deserves. We are open-minded, experienced, and ready to assist you in creating the best night of his life. Check out our curated packages or let us help you create one that is unique. Contact us now! 

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