8 Maintenance Tips on Gel Blasters

Gel blasters, also known as water guns, need a little TLC to work properly. Gel blaster maintenance tips will help you get your blaster ready for play and keep it working all season long. Gel blasters are the perfect toy for any occasion, but maintaining them is essential to keep them in good working condition. You can check out TacToys Online to gain more knowledge on gel blasters. Here are some maintenance tips on gel blasters that will help you keep your toy in great shape all year long.

Gel blaster cleaning

Gel blaster is high-precision equipment. If you don’t clean it regularly, the dirt will block the barrel and cause the gun to fail to fire or not shoot normally. Therefore, it is necessary to clean gel blasters regularly. When cleaning a gel blaster, you can use a soft cloth dipped in water to wipe off dirt and dust on the surface of the gel blaster and then dry it with a dry cloth.

The cleaning of gel balls

When cleaning gel balls, put them into an enormous container, add cold water and detergent to thoroughly stir and soak for 2 hours after cleaning, then rinse with clean water. After cleaning, spread them out in a cool place and dry naturally.

Replace batteries regularly

Batteries can cause problems with gel blasters if they aren’t replaced regularly, so make sure to change them at least once every six months or so. Some batteries can last longer than others, so you should know how often to change them. Also, the rechargeable batteries used in these blasters need to be appropriately charged before using them again. This ensures that they will last longer than those made from disposable AA batteries, which could only last for about 3 hours at most before needing replacement time again.

Gel blaster needs a certain amount of water.

The gel ball blaster needs a certain amount of water, and it’s best to use clean water. The engine is filled with a small amount of water, and the original capacity is about 20%, and then slightly more than 30% after it is fully wet. After the blaster is fired, the remaining water will be consumed, so it must be replenished every time you shoot it. The power switch can be turned on when there is no water in the engine. The engine will be damaged when there is no water inside.

Replace broken parts from genuine suppliers.

You can easily replace damaged or broken parts of your gel blaster as they are readily available online at affordable prices from many different retailers. Make sure you get genuine spare parts from authentic suppliers only!


Because gel balls are made of plastic, they will be deformed if subjected to high temperatures for a long time, so it is best to put them in the refrigerator for storage. The plastic gel ball cannon head is not as durable as the metal shell/barrel/muzzle, so it is recommended that you use better materials or even metal when upgrading. The volume of the water tank and the material of the water tank directly affect the volume of water held by the toy gun. The water tank material should be high-quality plastic, which has good toughness and is not easy to leak.

Don’t use solvents/alcohol.

Don’t use alcohol or other chemical solvents for cleaning. They may cause corrosion or damage to plastic parts such as cylinder head and cylinder wall or rubber O-rings that may deteriorate or crack. If necessary, please wipe with thinner paint first, then with water.

Lubricate your gel blaster

Motors power gel blasters and the moving parts of the guns need lubrication to keep them operating smoothly without wearing out too quickly. If you don’t keep your gel blaster gun well-lubed, it may start to slow down or not fire at all. The best way to lubricate your blaster gun is with silicone spray oil (not WD-40), available from hardware stores and car accessory stores. Spray it into the loading tube (just above the barrel) and rack the slide back and forth while spraying until you see oil seeping out of the barrel. You can also spray some around the barrel to connect to the grip frame.

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