9 Ways to Avoid Drunk Driving Incident

By Kim Hemphry

Drinking and driving is a criminal offense that is punishable by law. The baseline blood alcohol concentration considered as an offense is 0.08 percent. Driving while drunk may cause accidents that can lead to injuries, deaths, and property damages.

Driving under the influence of intoxicating substances such as alcohol compromises cognitive ability and responsiveness. There are financial, legal, personal, and professional consequences of drinking under the influence. Most states suspend the offender’s license for varying lengths of time. Multiple convictions of a DUI could lead to a revocation of the license. Other states require mandatory jail time accompanied by fees and fines. Other ramifications may include loss of jobs or restrictions, higher insurance rates, and lack of insurance coverage.

There are various signs that law enforcement officers look for to identify drunk drivers. They include driving on the wrong side of the road, making wide turns, braking erratically, weaving, swerving, or drifting. Drunk driving can be avoided by careful planning and employing practical solutions. Here are nine ways to avoid drunk driving incidents.

Using a Designated Driver

Designating a driver to take you home after a long night of drinking or celebrating can help to avoid incidents. This is usually someone sober who is not under the influence of any intoxicants or alcohol. Alternatively, hiring a taxi or an uber can help to avoid drunk driving incidents. This is a proactive way to keep drunk drivers off the road and encourage responsible driving.

Putting on Seat Belts

Seat belts are important since they help prevent serious injuries or death during an incident. They are also crucial in defending oneself against drunk drivers. The law requires every passenger in the vehicle to fasten their seatbelts while on the road.

Maintain a Safe Distance

Maintaining a reasonable following distance gives a chance to notice any erratic driving of drunk drivers before an incident can occur. Staying close limits the chances of avoiding an incident with a drunk driver. If you notice signs of drunk driving like swerving or any strange behavior by a driver, call 911 to ensure the driver is removed from the road.

Take Caution at Intersections

Intersections are notorious for accidents by drunk drivers since most of them do not obey traffic signals. Stopping and carefully crossing the intersections reduces the chances of being involved in an incident with a drunk driver.

Avoid Late-night Driving

Most incidents involving drunk driving occur during the late hours of the night or early morning hours. Avoiding as much as possible driving late at night, especially on weekends, will help reduce the chances of running with a drunk driver.

Be Careful of Holidays

Most people drink on holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Fourth of July, and others. This increases the chances of encountering a drunk driver on the roads. There is always an increase in drunk drivers’ incidents around holidays than other days of the week. Taking extra caution during this time will help to keep you safe from impaired drivers.

Avoid Drinking Alone

Drinking alone can lead to drunk driving since there is no one to take you home. You can choose to drink non-alcoholic beverages such as water and soft drinks whenever you are out alone. If you have drunk alcoholic beverages, do so responsibly and drink plenty of food and drink water.

Take Decisive Action

Avoid getting into a car with a driver who has been drinking as this may put your life and theirs at risk. Decisive actions like taking their keys if they attempt to drive after alcohol consumption can help to avoid incidences.

Participate in Police Checkpoints

Police checkpoints are essential since they help to determine drunk drivers and remove them from the road. Traffic officials have devices that help to determine the level of alcohol content in the blood. This helps to determine the level of intoxication that is not safe for driving.

You can contact drink driving lawyers if you have been charged with drinking under the influence. They help get the best possible outcome and save you from paying hefty fines or losing your license. They can also help you get legal counsel on compensation after an incident with a drunk driver.

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