A Beginner’s Guide To Ice Skating

A Beginner’s Guide To Ice Skating

Ice skating is a versatile activity that can be performed outdoors in the winter or indoors year-round. Perhaps watching the graceful performance of a figure skater has inspired you to learn yourself, or maybe you’re interested in playing hockey. No matter your reasons for picking up ice skating, a beginner’s guide to ice skating will help you to learn the basics you need to know.

Choose Your Skates

Ice skating doesn’t require much gear, but one thing you’ll need is a quality pair of ice skates. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to rent a pair of skates until you’re sure you’ll stick with the sport. Usually, skating centers provide figure skates and hockey skates for rental. If you decide to purchase your own pair of skates, pick a quality pair that fit you properly and have sharp blades. These will be much better than rental skates in the long run.

Wear the Right Clothing

Whether you’re skating indoors or outdoors, you’ll need to choose the right clothing. Other than skates, there is no special equipment required for beginner ice skaters but wearing the right type of clothing is still important. Since indoor ice rinks must be kept cold, wear an outfit that will keep you warm while you skate. Tight fitting, quick drying clothing like leggings and a light sweatshirt or jacket are good choices. If you plan to ice skate outdoors in winter, be sure to bundle up! Choose a base layer of an appropriate weight to keep you warm and dry, and add a mid-layer, coat, and accessories based on the temperature.

Practice Your Skills

When learning to ice skate, you’ll need to learn a few basic skills. Start slow, giving yourself time to get comfortable on the ice. Learn how to perform the basic pushing and gliding action of ice skating, then slowly move up to gliding on one foot and other, more advanced techniques. Don’t forget to learn how to stop as well!

Don’t Be Afraid To Fall

Learning to ice skate involves using many skills and a kind of balance that you don’t normally use when walking, so don’t worry if you don’t get the hang of it instantly. You’ll certainly fall over many times while you’re learning, but don’t let that discourage you. Continue to use the tips in a beginner’s guide to ice skating and whenever you fall or mess up, just remember to get back up, keep skating, and accomplish your goals!

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